Really Dude? ‘Machete’ Actor Danny Trejo Praises Joe Biden's Border Policies

March 24th, 2021 5:20 PM

Although, President Joe Biden may have exacerbated one of the worst border crises in modern American history, Mexican-American actor Danny Trejo is praising him for "trying."

Sure, if that's what you want to call it.

The anti-Trump lefty Machete actor has been duped into thinking that Joe Biden has more compassion for illegal immigrants approaching America’s southern border than former President Donald Trump. Although, the U.S. is currently experiencing one of the worst border surges in decades, which even Dems and the media say has been fueled by speculation from migrants that President Biden would be much more welcoming, Trejo praised Biden's approach. “Biden is doing more than Trump did, 'cause he's trying,” he said in an interview with pop culture outlet

Hmm, we’re not quite so sure about that.

The actor added that Biden is being "more humanitarian" and "has a big heart" which is preferable to the last administration. Though, how helpful is it for Biden to be so inviting when it leads to the plight of more kids in cages at the border than ever before? Even Biden’s Department of Homeland Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has said living conditions for this influx of illegal migrants are "no place for a child.” 

Doesn’t sound too hot. But who knows? Reporters have complained about a Biden administration media “blackout” of information as to what’s going on at the border. Apparently journos are having a hard time getting on site at border facilities. ABC’s Good Morning America on Tuesday obtained video of the detention centers with reporter Cecilia Vega decrying them as "severely overcrowded jail-like places not meant for kids.”

Of course Machete seems a bit clueless on the politics of the situation. It seemed his only guiding principle on the issue was whether the bad orange man was calling the shots. Since he isn't currently, then the situation must be better, right? Wrong. TDS is one hell of an affliction. 

Oh well. Though at least Trejo mentioned in the interview that he was embarking on providing some actual humanitarian aid to the over 15,000 children being detained at the border. The actor, who also started his own music label – Trejo Music – in 2019, mentioned that he and several artists from his label, including one named “Baby Bash” and another named “Tarah New,” are planning to go to the border and perform for the young people stuck there to lift their spirits. He said they’d play “pop and hip hop, shit that kids are into.” He also told the reporter that he has been "helping provide clothes and food for the youngsters."

Trejo also gave some heat to the social media influencers and celebrities who like to complain about injustices in the world online without actually stepping in and laying their own time and resources on the line to help these children. The Spy Kids actor claimed, “We got a lot of Latinos who are in this business man, we got a lot of fine looking pop stars who could go down there and really give them some hope, you know?” Hint, Hint, guys.

Machete filleted these woke celebs, saying, “Most of them want to deal with the political part, and they forget about the kids.”

“Feed the kids,” he stressed, adding, "We just gotta do something about it, that's all.” Trejo then floated an unusual idea about American families potentially signing up to adopting many of these children. That’s a bit unorthodox, but at least it seems like the 76-year-old actor is putting his money where his mouth is.