Hollywood Revels in Trump Impeachment: GOP Would Defend ‘Cancer’

February 10th, 2021 8:00 AM

The Hollywood red carpet event of the year is finally here. No, not the Oscars. We’re talking about a media event way more important to those over-glamorized and vengeful intellectual midgets: the Impeachment Trial of Former President Trump.

Over 30 far-left celebrities have been demanding the conviction of a president who isn’t even in office anymore. Some like director/actor Rob Reiner are obsessed with the idea that Trump committed the “single worst crime” in “our Nation’s history.” Others, like performer Bette Midler, have slimed any GOP lawmakers who disagree as “SEDITIOUS” and said they deserve to be “expelled, censured and shunned.” Comedian Jim Gaffigan claimed that the GOP would defend “cancer” if they could. And a few of them actually admitted they are finding impeachment life-fulfilling. 

Disgraced comedian Kathy Griffin actually stated, “I am LIVING for the impeachment trial.” Clearly, she’s not living for career success.

It’s been almost five years of anger, hatred and vengeance from the celebrity left for Trump. Even though he’s not in office anymore, a last-ditch impeachment — no matter how unconstitutional and meaningless — serves as final succor for the disquiet he’s caused in the hearts of leftist mouthpieces.

Why wouldn’t they embrace this final attempt to destroy Trump? Impeachment has become for Hollywood what the “two-minutes hate” was for the citizens of Orwell’s Oceania; a collective expression of “ORANGE MAN BAD!!!!” Unfortunately, as we all know, this group therapy of ill-will won’t ever quell their anger for the one man reckless enough to give them the proverbial middle finger every step of the last four years. Their fractured egos cry out for vengeance.

Here are some of the most obnoxious calls for impeachment since the January 6 riots:

Rob Reiner Wants Trump Impeached For ‘Worst Crime’ In U.S. History

The When Harry Met Sally director and unhinged Trump hater, who once called Trump the leader of the current form of the Confederacy, stated in recent days that the former president committed the “single worst crime” in American history. Hmm, that’s not hyperbolic at all, right?

Two days prior to the impeachment trial, Reiner tweeted,  “As we head towards the 2nd Impeachment trial, a little reminder: Donald Trump is a Racist Sociopathic Criminal who committed the single worst Crime against Democracy in our Nation’s history. That’s all.” But really, to say that Trump’s call for his supporters to “peacefully” go to the Capitol and protest is tantamount to the greatest treason in American history is idiotic. 

Frankly, it’s way more extreme than Trump’s “incitement.” Could we get Reiner on trial?

Eloquent Lea DeLaria Refers To Trump’s GOP Defenders as ‘Bag of Dicks’

“Orange is the New Black” actress Lea DeLaria served up a disgusting insult of the 45 Republican senators who voted that Trump’s pending impeachment trial was “unconstitutional.” In a tweet, the deranged actress described their vote as proof they’re “OK” with inciting a “murderous mob” to break into the Capitol.”

Would you look at the tough talk on Lea! Though there is a significant argument that Trump’s words never even approached the legal definition of “incitement,” so why on earth would the Senate unanimously convict? There’s also the widely-observed notion that impeachment really only applies to sitting presidents. Still, no matter. DeLaria served up one last gross insult for the lawmakers: “YOU ARE ALL A BAG OF DICKS.” How charming.

Jim Gaffigan Equates Defending Trump to Defending Cancer

Then there’s Jim Gaffigan. The mere mention of the comedian’s name prompts thoughts of comfy, family-friendly jokes about “Hot Pockets” in the minds of his fans. After all, his pleasant, mostly PG humor, inspired CBS Sunday Morning to hire him on to make funny observations about his home garden and raising his kids throughout the COVID pandemic. Though his hatred of Trump and conservatives reduced him being just another snarky, mean-spirited lefty entertainer with an annoying Twitter habit.

Gaffigan slammed the lawmakers who disavowed Trump’s impeachment in a tweet from January 27. The comedian wrote, “I can’t wait for Nikki Hailey and those 45 GOP Senators to start defending cancer. ‘Give cancer a break!’” In an earlier tweet, he quipped, “I live in fear of my wife.  Not in the exact same way those 45 GOP Senators fear Trump, but I understand.”

Stick to processed frozen foods, Jim!

Mark Hamill Joins The Dark Side in Endorsing ‘Unconstitutional’ Impeachment

Despite the goodness of his onscreen counterpart, Luke Skywalker, legendary Star Wars star Mark Hamill has fallen to the dark side by way of his hatred for the previous president. Hamill, whose Twitter is often divided between tweets showing love for his nerdy fans, tweets showing puppies, and tweets showcasing unbridled anger and resentment for Trump and conservatives, tweeted that Trump needs a second impeachment. No question.

The actor tweeted a silly rhyme on January 13 which read, “When one impeachment won't suffice, Damn his new crimes- impeach him twice!” If only Luke had read up on Yoda’s advice that anger is a path to the dark side.

Oh My! George Takei Wants to Give Trump a Spanking 

The leftist Twitter bully and actor behind Sulu from the eons old original Star Trek series tweeted that Trump’s impeachment would be like spanking a “misbehaving child.” Takei wrote on February 7, “When you ground a child for misbehaving, you hope they learn from it. Even if you suspect they will have no remorse, the punishment stands. And even if your estranged spouse maddeningly lets them off, you stick to you[r] guns.”

The actor clarified that the “Same goes for an ex-president acting like a child.” Takei has been obsessed with the president being punished for something —anything — for years now. Perhaps his dream of wielding the political wooden spoon against the backside of his unruly enemy, Trump, will finally happen. He sounds power hungry.

Bette Midler’s Magic Word For Anti-Impeachment Senators Is ‘SEDITIOUS’

Hocus Pocus star and thespian Bette Midler provided some very strong words for the GOP Senators who refused to endorse the unconstitutional impeachment of Donald Trump. On January 28, the fictional witch tweeted, “This needs to be said. These people are #SEDITIOUS and they should be expelled, censured or shunned.  Imagine what would have happened if #AlGore had behaved like #TRAITORTRUMP. I rest my case.”

Thank heavens Midler’s “case” won’t be contributing to the Democrat’s impeachment arguments, because that’s lousy. Though her arguments probably aren’t much less sophisticated than what Rep. Raskin (D-MD) will be bringing to the table against the former president. 

Cher Believes In Impeachment After Office 

Legendary singer Cher brought out the intellectual firepower in her tweet endorsing the impeachment of former President Trump, and by intellectual firepower we mean, a horribly incoherent line about the president being some sort of sociopathic “humanoid.”

In a tweet from January 15, the Turn Back Time singer wrote, “trumps worst, Craziest, Most Vicious, Humanoid (No Human Feelings).” OK, that all sounds terrible ... we think. Though she was a tad clearer in attacking the senators defending Trump. “However Republican Senators Will Not Vote 2 Impeach Him. They’re COWARDS!!”, Cher added.

Alyssa Milano Would Be ‘Charmed’ If Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) Voted For Impeachment

Of course, what list of mentally-addled Trump haters would be complete without anti-Trump dream girl Alyssa Milano. For the former "Charmed" actress, Trump existing on any day ending in “y” is grounds for his removal from office, so of course the idea of the former president inspiring a terror attack on the nation’s capital is a dream opportunity.

Milano ran with the opportunity on February 5, imploring pro-impeachment GOP senators like Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) on Twitter, to “defend our republic” by convicting Trump. Milano wrote, “I hope you will honor your oath & defend our Republic @SenSasse & vote to #ConvictAndDisqualify Trump. If inciting a militant attack on our country and Capitol, doesn't disqualify a leader from public office. What does? #DoYourDuty.” 

Word to the wise: If Alyssa Milano is on your side on an issue, that should provide solid ground to rethink it. 

Sarah Silverman Loses Last Shred of Dignity With Gross Attack on Lindsey Graham (R-SC)

Reliably mean-spirited and uncouth comedian Sarah Sliverman tore into Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) over his letter to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) which implored the lawmaker to dismiss the article of impeachment. Though there’s plenty of reason to dismiss the Dems’ charge against the president, (because it’s unconstitutional, because Trump didn’t “incite,” because it destroys American unity, etc.), Silverman dug her claws into Graham, calling him a “quivering penis hole.”  

The comedian tweeted at the lawmaker on January 17, “Trump ‘asked’ you to write this and you’re such a quivering penis hole that against everything you know to be true, you acquiesced.” Yeah, Silverman just has a knack for being overbearingly disgusting.

Impeachment is Deranged Kathy Griffin’s Happy Place

And who could forget about disgraced comedian Kathy Griffin and her giddy tweet about impeachment. The infamous redhead, best known for her effigy of Trump’s decapitated head, expressed that Trump’s impeachment would be the sole focus of her existence for the near future. How’s that for a balanced and healthy lifestyle?

On February 8, the day before the trial, Griffin admitted, “FINE! I don’t have a life. I am LIVING for the impeachment trial starting tomorrow. I am giddy with excitement, and yes, I want to be called to testify.” Wow. Well doesn’t that just about sum up the last 4 years of media attacks against Trump? Many of these media people have been so insulted by Trump that they now live to see his pain and the pain of his followers. Perhaps Griffin needs a psychologist.

Sure they’ve squandered all dignity and right reason in their quest to destroy Trump. They’ve endorsed deep state spy tactics attempting to link the former president with corrupt Russian oligarchs, and supported an earlier impeachment for something their beloved Joe Biden actually did. Many of them even rationalized political violence in their quest to topple the man.  But Trump’s claims of election fraud and what a mob decided to do with them are the only crime here!