SNL’s Chloe Fineman Excited to Move on From Trump, Like That Will Happen

December 9th, 2020 2:00 PM

Apparently it’s been an ordeal to do Trump sketches on SNL for a few of the cast members. One of the series’ fresher faces, Chloe Fineman told one outlet that she was overjoyed to finally be done with the show’s Trump gags.

Give us a break. It’s not Trump or conservatives fault that these actors didn’t have enough comedic material beyond anti-Trump humor. And besides, do we really think they’ll stop going after Trump once he leaves office? Seriously?

Hollywood outlet Variety published an interview with the 32 year-old SNL cast member on December 8, you know asking about her time in quarantine and how she’s back to work now that the long-running NBC comedy is back after break. Variety’s Marc Malkin also asked Fineman about her taste in wine and other hobbies, yadda yadda, but of course couldn’t avoid the orange-tinted elephant in the room.

Besides its nostalgia library on YouTube featuring performances from when the show was actually great, SNL’s only cultural cache is their bizarro Trump-mocking skits featuring a scowling Alec Baldwin doing his best impression of Alec Baldwin being Trump. So of course Malkin went there.

The reporter asked Fineman, “Are you and the rest of the cast excited that you could take a break from the Donald Trump skits?” Oh yeah, because Trump is definitely going away. Sure. ”Yeah, actually,” the actress responded, as if she was confident that her Trump-triggered screenwriters aren’t coming up with new ways to continue milking Trump post-presidency.

“I definitely spent a lot of the early part of the year like being, ‘Here’s my Kayleigh McEnany’ and ‘Here’s another blonde Republican,’ kind of manically like, ‘This is the last hurrah.’” Well, true, there probably won’t be any more cold opens featuring McEnany at the White House Press Secretary’s podium, but are the same writers who stooped low enough to create “All I Want for Christmas is Robert Mueller” going to refrain from skits depicting Trump and his entourage behind bars? 

They’ve never shown restraint before. And what? Are they really going to attack the lovely and decent Joe Biden? Eh, only playfully, we’re sure.

Still Fineman expressed some regret over leaving the Trump characters, claiming, “Then I was like, ‘What are we going to do?’ because they’re so funny.” Yeah funny, if your audience is exclusively wine moms who need to pop a Xanax for every rude Trump tweet. I guess SNL was real cathartic for them. 

Though the actress gave her and her theater troupe an out and admitted that Trump would probably get more obnoxious during a potential Biden presidency. “But I’m sure Trump is just going to get louder and obnoxious. But it is definitely nice to have the break,” she said. Yep, SNL’s going to keep on the Trump train. Why wouldn’t they? Do they want their ratings to completely crash and burn?