They’re ‘Babies’: Pete Davidson Mocks New Yorkers Protesting Chinese Plague Lockdowns

December 7th, 2020 5:37 PM

Pete Davidson is at it again, mocking freedom-loving, everyday Americans from the comfort of his cushy “SNL” gig.

A year or so after Pete Davidson landed in hot water for mocking then-U.S. Congressional candidate Dan Crenshaw’s (R-TX) war injuries on an episode of SNL, that actor/comedian made insensitive remarks about average Americans protesting strict lockdown orders, as if they were selfish dummies rather than Americans desperate to earn a paycheck.

Talk about smug elitism.

On the December 5 segment of the NBC series’ sketch “Weekend Update,” Davidson gave his flippant and disrespectful opinion on New Yorkers protesting the closing of local bars and restaurants due to the state’s strict China plague lockdown orders. Last week, one defiant Staten Island pub owner of Mac’s Public House re-opened his restaurant despite Governor Andrew Cuomo’s latest lockdown orders. 

The bar’s open defiance, which has drawn the attention of NY’s Governor, mayor and law enforcement, has inspired many like-minded New Yorkers and Staten Island residents fed up with NY’s lockdowns to come up in crowds and protest the government’s COVID overreach.

But for a smug elitist like Davidson, who hasn’t had the misfortune of losing his livelihood, the Staten Island protests have become a topic of derision. The star of The King of Staten Island mocked the protestors as “babies” and indirectly called them the worst people of Staten Island, by deriding himself as no longer the “worst thing about Staten Island.” 

Though that’s ironic because these protestors are demonstrating against the very idea of being coddled by the mommy state, which has convinced the real idiots -- like Davidson -- that the virus requires Americans to cancel their entire lives for as long as they’re told. 

In front of the NBC TV audience, Davidson took serious potshots at the frustrated protestors, first slamming them as a bunch of drunk bumpkins. “I saw the protests, people were outside the bar shouting about freedom, talking to cops, chanting that they should arrest the governor so I just assumed that it was a typical last call,” he quipped. Ouch. Talk about disdain for the unwashed masses.



The comedian then took to lecturing the locals, celeb-splaining to them that they're protesting in the “neighborhood with the second-highest COVID infections in all of New York, so the rule is that they’re only supposed to let people eat or drink outside.” Yeah, why can’t they just understand?

Of course, he acknowledged that the pub’s owner thinks keeping seating limited to outside only would kill his business, but then brushed it off as a bit of whining. He added, “But the argument that people in Staten Island don’t want to drink outside can be disproven by going to literally any Little League game.” Ah, more derision of these working class rubes. Davidson’s such a charmer. 

He made one last joke at their expense, quipping, “You know it’s bad when people in Boston are like, ‘Ahh, drink at home, you queers!’” What is so hard for media people, and celebrities to understand about Americans needing to get back to work? People are losing their businesses all over the country because of the lockdowns and they deserve abuse on network television?