Billy Crystal Sucker Punches Pence on Kimmel: He Is a ‘B.I.G.O.T.,’ Thinks ‘Roots’ Is Rom Com

October 8th, 2020 4:21 PM

A legendary Hollywood comedian appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to talk about the 2020 Vice Presidential and whaddaya know, the commentary focused on calling Vice President Mike Pence a creep and a “bigot.”

Whoa, huge surprise. Maybe if they keep personally attacking Vice President Mike Pence, we might forget the fact that he rhetorically roundhouse kicked Sen. Kamala Harris right in the condescending facial expressions. 

If only we the people were as vapid as Billy Crystal and late-night schmuck Jimmy Kimmel.

Crystal, the star of When Harry Met Sally and voice behind the one-eyed, green monster Mike Wazowski in Monsters Inc., got the invite from lefty talk show host Kimmel to do some anti-Pence comedic material after the debate. 

Appearing on the ABC program via Zoom call on October 7, Crystal told the host that he spent his evening watching the debate, which he described as “insane.” He exclaimed, “The debate was insane. Pence to me is like the guy that you say to your wife, 'Why did you invite him?'" Oh, real nice.

Well, we know Pence wouldn’t be invited to a Hollywood party. But that’s because he has a lot more class. No skin off your nose, Mr. Vice President. Still, we’d have expected someone with as much industry street cred and experience as Crystal to be above Kimmel’s stupid political games. 

But, again, to each his own. Go ahead, Billy, get petty about Christian man Mike Pence with the guy who contributed to the lowest-rated Emmys of all time. That should really cap off your legendary career. 

Crystal had more personal attacks up his sleeve for the vice president, like a cheesy Hip Hop roast. He quipped, “If he was a rapper, I think his name would be Notorious B.I.G.O.T.” Oh, devastating. Is that what Pence gets for not apologizing for opposing the killing of millions of unborn babies? Or is it just because he’s second in command to President Trump? Well, it’s both, of course. 

He then insinuated that Pence was a racist with another lame joke, stating, "I mean to this guy, you know, Roots is like a romantic comedy.” Yeah, good ol’ Pence surely wishes he was enjoying the view from the porch on his plantation back in 1863. What a bunch of BS. 

But with Kamala’s record of harsh-policing back when she was a prosecutor in California, which heavily affected minority communities, why is Pence mocked for his attitude towards minorities?

Crystal then went on to describe his actual contribution to the Joe Biden campaign, which was his appearance alongside former conservative commentator Bill Kristol in a 30 second Biden ad. The ad was produced by the Biden campaign and the Jewish Democratic Council of America. Far left whack job and When Harry Met Sally director Rob Reiner directed the ad. 

Crystal informed Kimmel that the video was made in order to get Florida’s senior citizens to vote for Joe, mentioning that if they pulled that demographic, “then there's almost no way that Trump can win the election.” 

Well, that’s one big “if,” Mr. Crystal.