‘THIS IS WAR’: Hollywood Vows Extreme Tactics in SCOTUS Fight

September 20th, 2020 5:40 PM

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away on Friday September 18 and Hollywood is freaking out at the thought that President Trump may get a third SCOTUS nomination during his first term in office.

None of us will ever forget how the left, especially its propaganda arm in Hollywood, treated the nomination of Justice Brett Kavanaugh. This will be worse. Just look at the fury that celebrities have unleashed on social media in the wake of RBG’s passing (may she rest in peace.) People like Ron Perlman, Rob Reiner are calling for “war” and “shutting down the country” over the vacancy.

Well we already have violent riots in the streets? So what exactly are these American citizens calling for?

When Harry Met Sally director Rob Reiner made an intense series of posts after the news of RBG’s death this weekend. In response to Sen. Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) desire for the president to nominate a SCOTUS pick  as soon as possible, the actor/director tweeted, “Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s body isn’t even cold and Mitch McConnell is dancing on her grave. This is war. Dems have powerful weapons. Now is the time to use them.”

So this is war now? What was it before when Reiner likened Trump and his supporter’s re-election strategy to that of the Confederate army during the Civil War?

Bernie Bro and perpetually grumpy actor John Cusack tweeted some very angry content over the weekend in honor of RBG’s passing. The Say Anything star posted a picture of Attorney General Bill Bar and warned women that Barr and Trump will have power over their bodies, especially with a more conservative SCOTUS.

He tweeted, “Ladies you KNOW these types of men - the closet sadists among us - the racists sexist gangsters pimps fascists- angry impotent cowards who abuse power cause they can - You want these types of guy- trump and Barr - in controll of [your] bodies ?”

Hellboy actor Ron Perlman tweeted about Sen. McConnell putting a “knife in the back of fairness and honor” by wanting to proceed with the Supreme Court nomination as soon as possible. He added, “We are finally clearly aware of how fragile democracy is and when it dies you can look to that man’s amorality as the beginning of the unraveling.”

Comedian and author Michael Ian Black made a vicious attack on Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) for claiming he’s still committed to advancing a nominee for SCOTUS this year. Graham tweeted on September 19, “I’d encourage you to review these most recent statements” on the issue, to which Black replied, “My most recent statement: go fuck yourself.”

Comedian Jim Carrey tweeted some melodramatic, pop culture-inspired tribute to the late SCOTUS judge. Carrey drew a cartoon of Ginsburg and wrote, “she was a champ in every way. We were lucky to have her. Maybe she’ll be like the spirit of Obi-Wan in our battle to defeat the Death Star.” 

Wow, how deep. How poignant. Of all the brave historical figures in actual human history to compare Ginsburg to, we’re sure she would have been proud to be compared to fictional Star Wars characters. 

Writers Guild of America member, playwright and producer Beau Willimon tweeted, “We’re shutting this country down if Trump and McConnell try to ram through an appointment before the election.” And what does that mean exactly? Is every city in America going to get torched like Kenosha, Wisconsin?