Hollywood Mocks Terrified St. Louis Couple Defending Their Home From BLM Mob

June 29th, 2020 6:18 PM

Defending your home and your family is not acceptable to the left anymore, and that’s a terrifying thing. Case in point: Hollywood’s merciless mockery of one couple exercising their second amendment rights as a mob of BLM protesters broke through the gate to their private neighborhood and stood outside their home, shouting and threatening them.

But, Democrats and far-left nut jobs who have devoted themselves to rationalizing the importance and “beauty” of the violence-prone BLM protests – protests, let’s not forget, that are  based on lies about systemic police racism against African Americans that are also designed to push a Marxist, anti-capitalist agenda – piled on the couple who reacted to an angry mob tearing into upscale neighborhood. 

Several of Hollywood’s finest lefties derided the terrified couple over the exercising of their second amendment rights to defend their property, and – if the news has been any indicator – quite possibly their lives. It just goes to show Americans that, if their backs were against the wall or their lives were in danger from crazed lefties, actors like Jeffrey Wright, Chris Meloni, and Josh Gad might just point and laugh. 

Law & Order actor and seriously fake tough guy Chris Meloni took a break from tweeting shirtless photos, or posting about his overgrown quarantine beard, to mocking Americans willing to defend themselves and their beautiful home from an angry mob. The intellectually-stunted pretend cop began his garbage by retweeting a misleading tweet about the standoff which claimed, “A couple has come out of their house and is pointing guns at protesters in their neighborhood.” 

Yeah, the couple were the aggressors, right? Though the gate to their community would disagree.

Either way, Meloni felt like mocking the style choices of the man protecting his home with a rifle, saying, “The Pink shirt and khakis alarmed me more.” Though how would Chris react if a mob got within feet of his family? He’d probably be terrified, but unlike him, conservatives would refrain from mocking his ridiculous facial hair as he yelled at the mob.

Westworld actor Jeffrey Wright mocked the gun-sporting couple as well. Pretending to be the man holding the AR-style weapon, Wright sneered, “Get tah movin, punks, or I smoke my darlin wife’s whole right hand. You hear me? Get!” Yes, it’s all fun and games when they’re not in Mr. Wright’s presumably cushy neighborhood.

The homeowner, Mark McCloskey, told the press after the incident, “This is all private property. There are no public sidewalks or public streets. We were told that we would be killed, our home burned and our dog killed. We were all alone facing an angry mob." But, yeah, laugh it up, Mr. Wright.

Disney actor Josh Gad mocked the terrified couple as well, which is ironic considering he often complains about being cyberbullied on Twitter. He tweeted, “Putting the insanity of this image aside for a second with regard to these two people looking like they’re in a ‘Die Hard’ film, why are they living in the St. Louis Museum of Natural History?” Happy to see Gad concerned for the well-being of others.

And the most charming assessment of the incident comes from Orange Is The New Black actress Lea DeLaria. She tweeted, “The average petri dish... what I call @realDonaldTrump supporters, does not accept or respect peaceful Americans exercising their constitutional rights, just like their racist leader.” And Lea hates the rights to life and property, the second amendment, and ignores the violence that has come from many of these mobs, apparently.