Alyssa Milano Blames ‘Most F-ked Up President Ever’ for Lockdown Protests

April 17th, 2020 6:56 PM

Another set of Trump tweets, another Alyssa Milano meltdown. It just never gets old, does it?

As part of his campaign to get the United States of America to reopen from quarantine in the coming months, Mr. Trump, as he always does, made slogan-style tweets urging various states to “liberate” themselves from coronavirus lockdown. Right on cue, insane lefties like Alyssa jumped to accuse the president of inciting rebellion against governors of each state.

Trump’s April 17 morning tweets included, “LIBERATE VIRGINIA, and save your great 2nd Amendment. It is under siege,” “LIBERATE MICHIGAN,” and “LIBERATE MINNESOTA!” As tensions have mounted in several areas between citizens wanting to get back to work and governors intent on keeping lockdown orders, the paranoid and always-hysterical Charmed actress attributed Trump’s words to inciting protest and “endangering lives.”

Milano shared a video of protestors outside Minnesota Governor Tim Walz’s house and blasted Trump. “This is not ok. @realDonaldTrump, you are the most fucked up President ever.” Oh, real nice. She continued, saying, “you incited this carelessness with your tweets and you should be removed from office for endangering lives. #RemoveTrumpNow.”

So, a “mostly civil” protest of “200-300 people” -- according to local Minnesota reporter Theo Keith -- was generated by Trump’s phone keyboard on an hour or two’s notice? No, according to the Minnesota protesters’ Facebook group and City Pages, the event was orchestrated days ago.

Of course, that’s not really the point. Folks have been protesting these stay-at-home orders for a couple of days now, like in Michigan, and it’s a disservice to frustrated citizens dealing with a withering economy to say that they’ve just been waiting around for some dog whistle from Washington.

Trump, like most Americans, wants the country to get back to work, but just because he is the one calling for its re-opening, the left will call that a bad idea even though it’s realistic that we do it here soon. Granted we don’t recommend people ignoring social distancing to attend protests this early in the game, but Alyssa’s response is hysterical and driven by Trump-hate.

And, also, Alyssa’s one to talk. She posted a video to Twitter last week in which she told Americans to stop buying guns during the pandemic. By her own logic, was she tweeting to get the government to come after our Second Amendment rights?