Greta Thunberg: World’s Newest Dance Floor Sensation?

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Since her U.N. hysterics, climate change chicken little Greta Thunberg has become a pop culture icon, though her latest public incarnation might be more weird than anything else. Little Miss Greta’s become so ingrained in youth culture that not only is she one of its thought leaders, she has also become a featured artist at the world’s climate conscious discoteque scene.

Because nothing makes you want to take synthetic drugs and convulse in sweaty nightclubs more than an angry teen telling you the planet is dying.

Recently-surfaced video showed a UK audience getting down to Greta’s words of doom at a rave in Gateshead, England. Posted to Twitter on October 6, the video captured part of famous British DJ  Fatboy Slim’s set, during which he played a song that had been mixed with audio of Greta’s speech.

According to concertgoers on Twitter, Greta’s words were intertwined with the intro to Fatboy Slim’s song “Right Here, Right Now.” Like most rave songs, the track built up to a dizzying tension before the “drop,” as they call it, but instead of the strings in the audio being the sole contributor to the feeling of urgency, you had Greta’s hyperbolic doomsday language contributing to the crowd’s frenzy.

As the crowd clapped their hands, one could hear the 16-year-old over the speakers exclaim, “People are dying! Entire ecosystems are collapsing!” Where Fatboy’s original song featured lyrics claiming, Right here, right now,” on a loop during the build up, they have been replaced with Greta’s voice claiming “right here, right now.” How perfect.

Fatboy Slim, who gained international commercial success in 1998 with his track “The Rockafeller Skank” (Actor Christopher Walken was also featured in the music video for his song “Weapon of Choice,”) posted the reworked, climate-conscious edit to his Twitter back in September.

He tweeted the audio with an Earth emoji, because you know, he really cares about the planet, and credited Twitter user @TheKiffness, who spliced the two audios together.

Of course, Fatboy wants the world to know that he’s doing his part in saving the planet, via jetting all over the world to throw expensive parties. As one Twitter user claimed, “The irony of environmental virtue signalling supported by a huge light show powered by carbon burning electricity… With drinks in plastic glasses, no doubt.”

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