WOMP WOMP: SNL’s Leslie Jones Bans Trump From ‘Her Life’

Apparently there’s no room for President Donald Trump in the safe space that comedian Leslie Jones lives in. The outspoken leftwing SNL star and stand up comic told late night host Jimmy Kimmel that Trump “is banned from my life.”

Jones, one of the stars of the failure that was 2016’s all female Gostbusters reboot, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to discuss her new Netflix stand up special. Jones informed the late-night host that the segment would be filmed in DC as it has the “best comic crowds” in the country in her opinion.

Jones appealed to the audience, saying, “DC go buy tickets, I need people to be there and fill in the audience and laugh.” But Kimmel had to get the Trump digs rolling sooner than later so he prodded Jones, “Will you invite the President and his family to the show?”

Of course Jones shot back with a resounding “Hell no,” though added that she hoped “you [Trump] show up so I can talk bad about your ass.”

“Ooohh, don't you show up you are banned. You are banned period. You are banned from my life,” she exclaimed as Kimmel chuckled gleefully. She concluded, telling the host, “I don’t even know who you talkin’ ‘bout right now.”

That’s good comedy.

This is par for the course for SNL lefties and the stuff that Kimmel’s ratings hinge upon. Jones is all about cancelling haters from her life. She made headlines during her 2016 Ghostbusters PR tour for abandoning her Twitter account because users were bashing her for her role in trashing a comedy classic with a garbage reboot.

Leslie also displayed her delusional hatred for the president last Christmas with her part in a Saturday Night Live Special Counsel Robert Mueller holiday song and dance, where she and SNL cast members Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon riffed on Mariah Carey’s Christmas song with one called, “All I Want For Christmas Is Robert Mueller.

Sorry, Leslie, you seem to be the actual hater here. But we’re betting you’ll be getting a decent welcome in our nation’s capital all the same.

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