BET Tries to Manufacture Fake Outrage Over ‘Black’ Little Mermaid

Proving that there’s not much point in being a lefty if there aren’t any nice conservatives to annoy, the woke bloggers of BET tried to manufacture a story saying there’s a trend of online right-wingers angry over Disney’s casting of a black woman as the new Little Mermaid. It would be an interesting narrative IF that was happening, however BET’s target “racists” consist of nothing more than a couple of fringe idiots without much social media influence.

Super newsworthy, right?

Dubbed by The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh as “Faux-outrage,” BET’s story touted that online “racists” are “big mad” that a black woman is playing Ariel the mermaid. However as Walsh pointed out, BET’s implied alt-right faction —which as we all know is designed to trigger lefties about angry white types — consisted of six measly tweets not really signifying an online wave of hate.

Walsh dissected BET’s hamfisted race-baiting: “BET did a story about all the ‘racists’ who are ‘big mad’ that Ariel is white. They compiled 6 tweets to prove the outrage exists. Two are from anonymous accounts with 10 followers. Two are from non-white people. This is the faux-iest faux-outrage ever.”

One account, which asked, “How is this not racist and cultural appropriation? If this were the other way round, those celebrating would be boycotting,” had only three followers and had tweeted ten times within the last year. Another, “tuanrunrun,” tweeted, “Ariel must be a cute girl with white skin and red hair singing sweet and crisp!! Refuse her to become black!!” Tuanrunrun’s account has one follower.

Another two out the six tweets belonged to African Americans, including Andene Bailey, who expressed more of an opinion of personal taste rather than some cultural critique. She wrote, “I want Ariel to be white ..... no hate to my skin or nth… But that's how ive seen her since I was born.. white girl, red hair green tail…”

Rocky tweeted, “as a black girl i must say im very confused as to why a black girl is playing a ariel. if it were a white person playing a poc character it would be whitewashing.” Sounds like there are some race-traitors out there bowing to white tropes on this issue. Thank you, BET for pointing out the very threatening all two of ‘em.

Maybe a larger cultural battle is really being fought over Ariel, but don’t look to BET for evidence of it.

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