Kathy Griffin Claims She ‘Didn’t Do’ Anything Wrong; Insists Ivanka is ‘Feckless C**t’

March 13th, 2019 2:26 PM

Denial is an addictive coping mechanism, and comedian Kathy Griffin’s latest interview is a masterclass on how it turns people into a contemptible pile of crazy. Griffin used the friendly lefty reporters at The Daily Beast to spin another account of her innocence and mistreatment by President Trump after her unsavory decapitation performance art.

In The Daily Beast’s Wednesday “Hell of a Story,” the disgraced actress deflected:

Never in the history of the United States has a sitting president used the power of the Oval Office, the first family, the right-wing media, and the Department of Justice to try to make an American citizen unemployable and uninsurable for an absolute non-threat that was covered by the First Amendment.

Good grief. Go back into your hole, lady.

And of course this isn’t just about allowing Kathy Griffin to live a quiet life, away from all the “death threats” inspired by the world equating her with an “ISIS” member, she’s also got a movie to shop. Kathy Griffin: One Hell of a Story premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and she’s hoping it’s her ticket back to the big time. The Beast wrote, “Her dream is for the film to serve as a backdoor pilot of a docuseries that would reveal more of her Laugh Your Head Off set.”

Some dream. Even with help from Beast writers, this “self-financing” stuff is clearly not enough to raise her career from the dead. For your consideration, the film showcases all sorts of behind-the-scenes moments where the redhead endures “emotional breakdowns” and “anxiety attacks,” and preaches about the “first amendment,” which Griffin claimed is under attack when people don’t like her gruesome photos of ‘heads’ of state.

“I think there’s a sense that people are getting that this isn’t America,” she said. “Regardless of me or the photo, I hoped people would realize that sooner.”

Well, sorry we’re not quick enough on the uptake. Yeah, Griffin has no problem seeing herself as a real martyr for the cause, and remains adamant that she did nothing wrong. “If I had really threatened the president, I would obviously own up to it. But I paid the price for something I didn’t do.”

Mmmhm, totally. And instead of making amends or changing her tune, right away Griffin doubled down on her trademark nastiness while defending Samantha Bee’s infamous insult to Ivanka Trump. She stated, “Feckless cunt had it coming.” Oh right. Clearly we’ve been misjudging her all along. Cheers, Ms. Griffin. Stay classy.