VH1 to Honor Pelosi as ‘Trailblazer’ for Her Contributions to ‘Human & Civil Rights’

February 1st, 2019 1:06 PM

There’s no question that, at least until Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez boogied out of the Bronx, Speaker of The House and badass sunglasses aficionado has been a patron saint to radical lefties everywhere, but do we really have to double down on her legendary status by officially declaring her as a pop culture icon? Sadly yes. VH1 just announced that they will be honoring the democratic leader as an official Trailblazer on March 8th, because there’s nothing more validating for a proponent of open borders and infanticide than a Hollywood blessing complete with a kitschy, faux-gilded piece of plastic.

Radical left-ism’s favorite Joan of Arc figure will be honored at VH1 and Logo’s official Trailblazer Awards, and it will surely be something special as this year it happens to fall on International Women’s Day, Friday March 8th. VH1 promises that it will be a night “full of empowerment, inspiration, and trailblazing,” with female director and diversity quota queen Ava DuVernay being honored alongside the Speaker as well.

Pelosi’s award-worthy accomplishments? “She made history back in 2007 when she became the first woman ever elected to the position and then made history again when she became the first person in more than 60 years to regain the title.” Well, hanging around long enough to be fired and rehired to the same job might be some kind of accomplishment.

VH1 applauded her for having “served as a powerful voice for human and civil rights around the world.” Good thing the one thing third trimester unborn babies can’t do is talk.

VH1 ended their fluffed-up endorsement by asking, “Who better to honor at an event that is all about celebrating those who have dedicated their time and effort to the women’s movement and beyond!?” Well, just about anyone else. But if you want to sit back and imagine you’re watching a piece of satire based in some loony Hollywood alternate universe, tune in to VH1 and Logo on March 8th at 9 PM.