'Swing Left' Gets Legend Tony Bennett to Croon for Lefty Voter Awareness

October 25th, 2018 9:42 AM

The proggies in the music business have just rolled out a lefty-themed music album that will be available for streaming prior to midterm voting. The upcoming album features artists like absurdist Adult Swim comedian Tim Heidecker and legendary singer Tony Bennett, because of course there’s no better way to rile up a left wing mob like an ancient crooner’s lounge music take down of those GOP white males.

Called Songs for Swing Left, the album has been produced in conjunction with guitar shop owner Reuben Cox and the insufferable activists over at lefty voter awareness group Swing Left. Swing Left has been all about getting famous faces to educate naive citizens on the importance of liberals retaking Congress this November. So why not compile a trendy soundtrack for the occasion?

The minds behind the album seem to be going for broke, including a whopping 25 civic-conscious tracks on the production. Reportedly, more will be added as November 6 approaches.

People who love this kind of liberal kitsch will get to hear songs by Tony Bennett, Tim Heidecker, Kurt Vile, Benjamin Booker, and Matt Berninger of rock band The National. Fred Armisen of Portlandia fame has also contributed to the album, performing a song as his comic character Ian Rubbish.

Sounds like quite the lineup. In addition to the songs, each artist is given time for a short political diatribe on the recording — you know, all about the importance of voting (preferably Democrat) and presumably some fear of the current dangers to democracy. For example, Rolling Stone reported Andrew Bird’s spoken interlude:

We all know how important this November’s midterm elections are and how important it will be to vote. So this year, besides heading to the polls yourself, I’m asking you to help get your friends and neighbors to the polls as well.

On top of being able to enjoy anecdotal gems such as these, Swing Left has invited those who have bought or downloaded the album to become foot soldiers in their midterm campaign. Rolling Stone reported that fans “will be put in touch with Swing Left volunteers in their area to learn more about what they can do to help ahead of the November 6th election.

That sounds like quite the strategy. Swing Left is able to propagandize and then mobilize — all at the convenience of audio streaming.