Ahead of Trump Visit, Citizens Stream ‘American Idiot’ to No. 1 in UK Charts

The British people have been eagerly anticipating Trump’s visit to the UK this summer. Rolling out a rather cheeky welcome, the anti-Trumpers across the pond have prepared protests and even picked an official song to go with their rebellion, perfect for mocking the boisterous US leader: Green Day’s “American Idiot.”

The Washington Post reported about the new anti-Trump protest on Tuesday morning. Called “Make American Idiot Great Again,” the campaign has been organized by some British people in order to get the 14-year-old Green Day song back to a high spot in the UK music charts, just in time for the arrival of who they see as the textbook definition of the “American Idiot.”

The article stated, “Ahead of Trump’s visit, protestors in the United Kingdom have launched a campaign to play ‘American Idiot’ so many times that, by the time he arrives the song will be the no. 1 single in the U.K.”

The incessant overplaying of the 2004 anti-American punk anthem started on July 6th, and has continued to the point where it has been declared the current best selling song on Amazon UK.

“Protestors have been been using iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, and YouTube, among others, to stream and download the song.”

The campaign’s founders, Keith Curle and Geoff Thomas, presumably beaming with satisfaction, told The Washington Post, “Us in the U.K. have a good record of protesting this way.” They cited their nation’s historical contribution to the punk genre, stating, “We are the country who put Sex Pistols and Rage Against the Machine at No. 1 in the past.”

In terms of the The Washington Post’s reporting on the subject, the publication fell into the trap of quoting Clickhole.com for a description of Green Day’s song. They’ve since retracted the paragraph, having realized that citing a satirical media website may not be the best way to retain the illusion of journalistic accuracy.

Well, if promoting anarchy in the U.K. is what the British people have wanted, they seem to have gotten it. It’s sadly ironic that a nation famous for a music genre aimed at breaking the establishment’s hold over the people, is using that same genre to protest a man whose whole mantra is to give the people more control over their nation.

But alas, to denizens of the UK, a man seeking the dismemberment of the status quo is a buffoon, while gun control, big government human rights violations, and an unmanageable migrant crisis are the new normal.

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