With Redskins Name Safe, WashPost Takes Aim at Chief Wahoo

August 9th, 2016 10:44 PM

It didn’t take long for the Social Justice Warriors leading the anti-Indian mascot movement to find a new focus for their campaign. The “Change the Name” crusade, to do away with the Redskins name, was crushed under the weight of a Washington Post poll, where Native Americans decisively and overwhelmingly rejected the idea that the Redskins name was a slur.

Now, the liberal sports media’s sights are re-focused on their old nemesis, Cleveland Indians mascot Chief Wahoo:

“On Tuesday, the Indians arrive in Washington for a two-game series, bringing Cleveland fans and their Wahoo regalia to Nationals Park. They will play in a city where another professional team, the Washington Redskins, has long been the prime target of activists opposed to Indian imagery in athletics.

While many colleges and high schools across the country have renamed teams and dropped Native American mascots, professional clubs — the Redskins, Indians, Kansas City Chiefs, Atlanta Braves and Chicago Blackhawks — have resisted.”

Mainly, those teams have resisted because the team names are overwhelmingly popular and Native Americans have rejected the idea that they’re offensive. But hey, why let the truth get in the way, right?

“Cleveland has, however, gradually reduced Wahoo’s presence — sort of.

At Progressive Field, a name that protesters find deeply ironic, the image rarely appears on signs or in concourses, and owner Paul Dolan announced in the spring that a “Block C” would become the team’s primary logo. On the Indians’ official website, a five-part, 5,600-word team history that begins in 1901 does not mention Wahoo once.

But the Indians continue to sell gear that features the logo in its store and online, generating millions of dollars in revenue, and the chief’s face appears on players’ jerseys and, often, on their caps.”

Tara Houska, a tribal lawyer and prominent activist, finds no imagery in sports more offensive than Wahoo. He has blood-red skin, swollen cheeks, triangular eyes, a bulbous nose, an expansive grin and a single feather protruding from the back of his head.

“It really is just a blatant racial caricature,” said Houska who lives in the District.”

The rest of the article can be read, by those looking for a good laugh, here. The liberal strategy seems to be to make the case that the Indians profit and benefit from racism. Which, of course, is something liberals know a thing or two about.