NBC’s ‘Shades of Blue’ Takes a Shot at ‘Occupy,’ Tries to Create New Gay Ideal

It’s not too often that funny jokes at the expense of the left get made. At least outside of conservative circles. It’s even less often that it happens on network television. Yet, such a rare occurrence did in fact occur on Thursday night’s episode of NBC’s Shades of Blue, titled ‘Who Is It That Can Tell Me Who I Am?’

As Detective Harlee Santos (Jennifer Lopez) puts her clothes back on after pulling a non-work-related all-nighter (wink, nod), she actually takes a pretty funny shot at the ‘Occupy’ movement when she sees the picture of her boyfriend’s ex-fiancée on the phone:

Santos: Where are the rest of my clothes?

A.D.A. Nava: I'm lacking any incentive to answer that question.

Santos: Okay, uh, what time is it?

A.D.A Nava: I'll have to write an apology note to the neighbors.

Santos: Huh. I once arrested a blonde Caroline from an Occupy rally. She was from Greenwich.

A.D.A. Nava: It's my ex-fiancée, from New Canaan.

Santos: I never saw so many white college graduates in one place.

Tame, I know. But poking fun at the whiteness of liberal protests should always be encouraged and applauded when it’s done.

Up next though, the show took a turn for the bizarre as the writers continue their apparent obsession with making Ray Liotta gay:

Man: You mind if I share a little?

Wozniak: Knock yourself out.

Man: "Always faithful."

Wozniak: Did you serve?

Man: Nah. I just like military stuff.

Wozniak: You want to play?

I had the same reaction as the dog. Obviously, in 2016 there’s not much of a shock value in a gay sex scene. Even on network television. Because, it basically happens all the time.

However, what the writers are doing with Ray Liotta’s character (Detective Wozniak) doesn’t blend with the rest of the story. It’s completely just thrown in. Maybe they’ll develop his character and better explain the gay thing later on. But for right now, it seems to be just a thrown in, shock value element with no tie-in to the rest of the storyline.

It’s also interesting how they’re choosing to work the gay side-story in. Wozniak is an ex-Marine, and one brutal NYPD cop. He’s certainly not your stereotypical homosexual. Also, look at how they begin this scene. A former Marine, being approached by a guy who “likes military stuff.”

Point being, there seems to be a pretty overt attempt here to break traditional stereotypes of gay men, and insert a new gay ideal. One where a homosexual is not only no different than any other red-blooded American male, but is actually a hyper-masculine, tough guy.

I’m glad to see that whole “accepting people for who and what they are” thing seems to be working out so well for the left.

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