The MSM Races to Defend the Redskins in Landmark Trademark Case! Well, Kinda…

November 4th, 2015 10:13 PM

The Denver Post, in an actual op-ed and not just in one paragraph surrounded by 13 other paragraphs condemning the team but in an actual opinion statement, has seen fit to defend the Redskins in their trademark case. Of course, they also take a shot at the Skins. But hey, we’ll take what we can get.


From the Denver Post Editorial Board:

“Federal trademark bureaucrats and a federal judge have accomplished the near impossible: They've allowed the Washington Redskins, owners of a name that should be consigned to history because of its offensive connotations, to cast themselves as the victims of an arbitrary and censoring government.

And the team has a point.

The Redskins are appealing a federal judge's ruling this year canceling its trademark registration. That decision followed a Trademark Trial and Appeal Board ruling that the name doesn't qualify for trademark status because it offends many Indians.

Although the Redskins name ought to be retired, it shouldn't occur at the expense of the First Amendment. And yet, as the team pointed out in its opening brief this week, the government has never bothered to cancel other trademarks that are inflammatory or disparaging, even though literally scores of them exist — some of which the brief listed.

Of course, the reason the government has failed to move against even the most aggressively obnoxious trademarks is because it has deferred to the principle of free speech. Until now, that is.”

Okay, so yeah, they made sure to kiss the ring of the rabidly anti-free speech, anti-property rights wing of the leftist agenda by saying the name should be “consigned to history” because of its “offensive nature,” however, they pivoted pretty dramatically from there to “the team has a point,” and that the retiring of the name shouldn’t occur “at the expense of the First Amendment.”

I can count on one hand how many times I’ve seen the MSM defend the Redskins. Prior to this, I couldn’t count on one finger the number of times I saw the media actually use the Constitution to defend the Redskins.

So, in closing, here’s another first: In this case, the media is right about the Redskins, and they’re right about the Constitution. Kudos are in order.

Jesus will be coming shortly.