FX's 'American Horror Story: Hotel' is Beyond Graphic in its Sexual Display

October 9th, 2015 12:21 AM

In my extremely limited time watching FX’s American Horror Story I’ve learned one thing, and that’s that the apparent goal of the new season, titled American Horror Story: Hotel, is to make me the most uncomfortable I have ever been watching a TV show. And it’s working. Which is no small achievement considering I’m the one who covered the first season of I Am Cait.

In an episode titled “Checking In,” American Horror Story: Hotel gives us every reason why you should immediately check out, unless you’re fine with being treated to a veritable cornucopia of raunch and depravity.

As an appetizer, and terrible sign of things to come, AHS shows their necrophilia side as they display a dead woman straddling on top of a still-alive man in bed. Her hands are nailed crucifixion-style to the headboard and they are locked into position, unable to move, with what looks like metal rods. The man’s eyes have been removed.

But again, this is just the appetizer.


Later in the show, a young male heroin addict is forcibly and very animatedly raped by a mummy wearing a sharp strap-on spinning electric drill. The bloody scene never seems to end and is shot from many different camera angles, complete with a bare-naked butt shot.

Still, not grossed out? Perhaps only mildly nauseated? Try this on for size.

In the final sex scene, Lady Gaga guest stars, and as she and her beau are beckoning another couple for group sex, she puts two fingers to her lips and wags her tongue between them to alert the lady that she is into women as well. We get to watch the foursome, with every inch of skin allowable on cable TV.

Right now, you’re thinking to yourself, “Well, what? That doesn’t sound nearly as bad as the whole heroin, spinning-drill thing.”

Oh, I forgot to mention: when Gaga and her beau are both on top of the other couple, they give each other knowing looks, raise their razor-tipped gloves into the air, and slash the throats of the other couple. While blood quite literally explodes from their necks.

I understand the entertainment industry is part of the free-market economy, and there would be no supply of shows like this if there wasn’t a demand, but to those who demand entertainment like this, might I suggest…help. Serious, serious, help.