‘Blue Bloods’ Pokes Fun at Absurdity of ‘Green’ Police Cars

Gun? Check. Holster? Check. Bulletproof vest? Check.

Prius police cruiser? Umm….

March 31’s episode of Blue Bloods, “A Deep Blue Goodbye,” had a good laugh at the absurdity of “green” police cars, and the public’s possible reception of them.

While heading out on assignment, officers Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) and Edit “Eddie” Janko (Vanessa Ray) are approached by Sergeant Estelle Bond (Lisha McKoy) from Fleet Services, who is under the impression that the partners volunteered for the NYPD Green Vehicle pilot program. “A smaller carbon footprint starts with a single step,” Bond tells the officers.

Janko starts to protest but Jamie goes along with it, for fear of upsetting the higher-ups:

Sergeant Bond: Vehicle's out in the back lot. Let's go get acquainted. 

Jamie: 'Cause if we called Welch out, we'd likely have IA down on all of us. 

Janko: This sucks. 

Dispatcher: All units, 10-53, drivers in dispute. Intersection 20th and 12th. 

Jamie: 12 David, show us responding. 

Janko: Hey! Hey, back off from each other! Back off! Back off of each other! Get out of my face. Get out of my face. 

Jamie: Drop the bat! Relax! 

Man: Y'all can't be real cops. 

Jamie: Yes, we are.

Man #2: What, driving that thing?

Janko: Hey! Our car!

Man #2: Where's his medallion?! 

Janko: Come on! Get off the car!

Man #2: Listen, he needs medallion (sic). 

Janko: Get off the car!

Jamie: Back up! Back up, back up! Sit down. Central, 12 David. Requesting a 10-85 forthwith at this location... 

Yeah, that didn’t go too well did it? “Y’all can’t be real cops.” Too funny!

Let’s just pray that this serves as a lesson to all officers to never implement a Green Vehicle pilot program!

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