Alt-Left Insanity: Trump Is Waging a War on … Something!

Note: Normal people might find some of this offensive. (We hope. Dear Lord, please!)

The left has become everything it claims to hate and the alt-left has become increasingly obvious about it. In a week where we’ve had yet another Islamic terrorist attack, it’s important to keep the dementia of America’s alt-left in perspective. They blame conservatives for the very things they do themselves. Liberals are violent, hateful and intolerant. Naturally, they claim conservatives fit those descriptions.

No, they haven’t escalated to killing people in the streets. Right now, they are merely employing the brown shirt tactics used by the Nazis in the 1930s. They support violence, vandalism and more. We saw it all during the campaign when liberals attacked Trump supporters.

Now we’re seeing it in the post-election environment as the left has rioted in Washington and twice in Berkeley, Calif., during the Trump era. They’ve also escalated their other attacks. Just yesterday, a conservative visit to the UN was marred by dangerous alt-left attacks who vandalized what was called the #FreeSpeechBus.

Yes, the alt-left has gone from advocating that we gut the 1st Amendment by overturning Citizens United to openly attacking a symbol of free speech. Here’s the Lifesitenews story: “Vandals sprayed painted, used a hammer to smash, and broke the window of a "Free Speech Bus" on a tour fighting gender ideology this afternoon.”

Now here is the liberal rationalization of crime: “A bus staffed by paid protesters apart of several non-profits including the National Organization for Marriage, International Organization for the Family, and Citizen Go – all anti-queer and anti-trans groups, was righteously attacked today with a baseball bat, keyed, vandalized with ’Trans Liberation’ graffiti, and in general, laughed out of town for being the disgusting bigots that they are.” That’s from the pro-anarchist site Their statement of principles: “we support liberatory revolt.”

If there’s a revolt and violence, what’s next but war? So with that fresh in our minds, let’s step into the kooky world of liberal crazies:

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Trump Is At War With The Poor: There’s nothing like budget cuts to bring out the crazy in liberals. OMG, you cut the government that has grown to unsustainable levels!! (Always extra exclamation points!!) You must hate __________. At this point liberals just start throwing in nouns -- Big Bird, women, the old, the young and, naturally, the poor. Here’s Salon’s Looniest of the Loons Chauncey DeVega writing, “Trump's budget proposes many ways to punish the poor. It's a new version of the Nazi urge to purge ‘parasites.’” Notice how quickly budget cuts = Nazis? The left has one playbook with only a few pages. If you aren’t racist, sexist or phobic, you must fall into the catch-all categories: Nazis, Klan or Christians, which to liberals are all the same. Actual quote: “A nation’s budget is a statement of priorities and values. President Donald Trump’s proposed 2018 budget is a declaration of war on the human beings his administration and the Republican Party consider to be ‘useless eaters.’” Reading that, you probably think Chauncey is one such, but at least his rantings enable us to get a peek into the liberal “mind.” Just in case the first quote didn’t make the connection clear enough for you, actual quote two should: “My use of the words ‘useless eaters’ is intentional. ‘Useless eaters’ or ‘Lebensunwertes Leben’ was the term used by Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime to describe human beings considered to be a drain on public resources. The designation of ‘useless eaters’ was a foundational component for the Nazi racial project and the ‘Final Solution.’” So unless you give infinite money to ways the left has failed to solve poverty, you’re a Nazi. On Twitter, Chauncey said, “Paul Ryan is a hypocrite who wants to hurt and kill poor people. Period.” Why does Salon remind me of Tropic Thunder?

Trump Is At War With Diplomacy: I’ve lost track how many things President Trump is supposed to be at war with -- the poor, the environment, puppies, and now, diplomacy. Over at Alternet, they claim, “Trump Is Waging War on Diplomacy Itself.” This is another defense of the mega-state or, in this case, State as in the State Department. Trump apparently isn’t allowed to cut that budget either. According to Alternet actual quote: “Trump’s budget cuts are not a harbinger of pacification, but an attack on the profession of diplomacy and the practice of international cooperation.” Ah yes, diplomacy has worked so well solving the Middle East, providing “more flexibility” to our relationship with Russia and ending the anti-Christian genocide in the Mideast. Or not. But remember, the left hates our military even though they hide it better than they did in the past. The article went on to complain that Trump is leaving jobs unfilled at State and how horrible that is. Actual quote two: “Those jobs are held by reality-based diplomats.” Because only liberals live in reality. In actuality, the only reality they know is their safe space. What the author doesn’t want to admit is that the Deep State the left loves so much isn’t being supported by Trump. That means they get fewer powerful jobs they can use to undermine the administration. And no matter how they feel about Trump, conservatives are unified in seeing cuts to mega-government. I call that a win.

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It’s Not Shakespeare, It’s More Caligula: The key to the liberal mindset is to remember they hate everything that is normal and want to overturn every single convention -- patriotism, free speech (see above), heterosexuality and more. And they try to push that agenda into every single facet of life -- TV, movies and now, musicals. The latest, courtesy of our friends at The New York Times (It’s difficult to get more alt-lefty than the Times.), is a new game version of the musical Oklahoma! The Times interviewed Bill Rauch, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s artistic director, and he was just agog about turning the classic into an alt-classic. Actual quote: “In an email on Sunday, Mr. Rauch said that he had been obsessed with introducing cross-gendered casting into Oklahoma! for decades.” I know some of you are thinking that singing cowboys might not seem all that masculine, but I’d like to remind you that John Wayne was a singing cowboy (dubbed) early in his career and Clint Eastwood did the job, as well. On some level this isn’t shocking. The left has a lock on the arts, especially theater. But plays have influence just like TV and movies. And that’s the idea. Naturally, this is also part of the theater’s diversity agenda. (Is there a lefty org out there without a “diversity agenda?”) Actual quote two: “In the festival’s 2016 season, the bulk of theater actors came from minorities, the result of a push toward greater diversity onstage. The same is true of the 2017 season.” So along with the gay western, expect it to be ahistorical in the theater’s quest for agenda, not art. Next up, gay action movies. I’m expecting a gay remake of Lethal Weapon any second.

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