Newsweek: Taylor Swift Should Tell ‘NRA Supporting Radicals’ to ‘Stop'

To the liberal media, talking to conservatives is like speaking a foreign language. Even they admit it.

Never fear, Newsweek has the solution to the liberal media’s issues with the NRA: Get Taylor Swift to talk to conservatives. Emily Gaudette wrote on October 18, “If Everytown [anti-gun non-profit organization] wants to force difficult conservations among those who oppose gun laws, they need to recruit the celebrities those people love: Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, and Sam Hunt.”

This is really important, because “NRA-supporting radicals have the nation by the throat, and what they really support is the big business of selling firearms, not the average American citizen’s rights.” Well that’s just sinister.

The PSA released on October 18 by Everytown featuring multiple celebrities has one problem, according to Newsweek: “All are left-leaning Hollywood insiders with a slim chance of changing the minds of people who support gun ownership.” The real “finger in the shame wound?” Two actors from SNL, who routinely mock members of the Trump administration, are featured in the video.

Conservatives apparently don’t have a sense of humor, according to Newsweek. Not a word was mentioned about the fact that most of the actresses in the video routinely star in roles where they tote guns and shoot people. There’s no element of hypocrisy in the Everytown PSA, it just doesn’t have enough conservative celebrities, in Gaudette’s opinion.

The writer offers a hilarious situation that she believes will push more people to be anti-gun activists: “Imagine if the cast of the Fast and Furious franchise or actor Jon Bernthal, of Marvel’s The Punisher, came out in support of gun laws limiting silencers and suppressors? Or gun-owning celebrities, like Johnny Depp or Eva Longoria?”

First of all, a silencer is the same thing as a suppressor. A silencer is the legal term, a suppressor is the technical term. Second of all, after hearing Johnny Depp ask “when was the last time an actor assassinated a president,” no one wants to take him seriously on the concept of gun control.

It isn’t just conservative celebrities (or celebrities popular with “those people”) who own guns or are members of the NRA. The View host Whoopi Goldberg has in the past admitted that she is a card-carrying member of the NRA. Robert De Niro owns a gun. The fact that Hollywood, surrounded by security guards who in all likelihood, own guns, wants to attack the NRA is sheer hypocrisy.

Finally, the editor’s note below the story showcases just how little Newsweek knows about guns: An earlier version of this story mistakenly identified Stephen Paddock as having used a silencer during the Oct. 1 Las Vegas shooting.

That’s all you need to know, really.


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