NBC Calls Trump Retweet ‘Red Meat’, ‘Entertaining’ Supporters, Ignores Antifa Prof

September 18th, 2017 10:17 AM

The media has their priorities: when Trump tweets a slapstick video, it’s more important than addressing a college professor who tweeted about “teaching dead cops.”

This past weekend, after the President received backlash for his re-tweet of a supporter’s doctored video showing Trump swinging a golf club and Hillary tripping on her plane afterwards, the networks aired their outrage.  On Nightly News on Sunday, NBC even went so far as to state, “This is the kind of red meat that many of his supporters find entertaining.”



The thirty second rant against the White House and Trump supporters, led by White House and Capitol Hill Correspondent Kelly O’Donnell, called the video “quite provocative,” the user “controversial,  and blasted the White House for their silence on the issue. ABC’s World News Tonight stated that the account Trump retweeted from had “posted anti-semitic comments in the past.”

While these networks found plenty of time to air their grievances against the Trump tweets, they had nothing to say on the provocative statements of a professor from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, who said that he found it “a privilege to teach future dead cops.” In an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, the professor, Michael Isaacson, stated that it was in the interest of the community to commit violence against those who “pose a threat” to the public through their ideas.

Lesson learned from the network news: Take any opportunity to criticize conservatives, but ignore the real problems presented in people such as Michael Isaacson, who hold influential positions in society as teachers. While Isaacson was placed “on administrative leave” by the school, the networks’ general silence on Antifa activism is deafening.