Vice Says Silent Taylor Swift May Be Responsible for Trump

August 31st, 2017 1:08 PM

While the liberal media delights in bashing conservative celebrities, it’s telling to see how they treat those who simply remain silent.

While Taylor Swift’s new music video is breaking records on YouTube, her critics are breaking down why they hate her (after all, haters are gonna hate). According to Vice’s Don Ozzi, Swift may have been the reason why Trump won. But not because she voted for him. She just didn’t say anything!

“There’s no way of guaranteeing that a Swift condemnation would have singlehandedly changed the course of the election, but her All-American image could have reasoned with the heartland in a way the Big City Liberal Celebs couldn’t,” wrote Ozzi. Seriously?

Apparently, though, Swift’s silence is a bigger problem, because neo-Nazis have taken it to mean that she gave them “a tacit endorsement.” This makes sense to Ozzi, since “she looks like a pop star imagined by Hitler in a wet dream.” Wow. Not only is it a problem that the singer is silent on politics, but it’s an even bigger problem that she is white and blonde?

But the election though. It’s too late to dream of what could have been, he stated. “What’s done is done, and we’re stuck with a Trump presidency where each day Americans wake up to a hellscape more nightmarish and embarrassing than the day before.”

And somehow Taylor could have prevented that by saying something along the lines of “blowing up the White House,” like Madonna once said she’d do. “Her fellow pop stars spoke out against the aspiring fascist Trump,” Ozzi wrote. Taylor should have done the same. Or at the very least, she could have posed nude to get people to vote for Hillary. After all, that’s what Katy Perry did.

The bottom line is, unlike all the other insane celebrities who say things like “,” Swift understands business. You don’t alienate half the country simply because they are conservative. But of course, those in the media, like Ozzi, will never comprehend that.

Libs just need to shake it off.