‘The War’s On U’: Hollywood Vilifies ‘Psychopath’ Trump Over North Korea

In the face of a very real threat, Hollywood holds fast to its anti-Trump rhetoric. Because nothing, absolutely nothing, is worse than having Donald Trump as their president. Not even dictator Kim Jong-Un.

After the POTUS announced that North Korea would be met with “fire and fury” should they continue to threaten nuclear war, celebrities took to their favorite podium--Twitter--and criticized the president endlessly. Stars such as Stephen King, John Cusack, Mark Hamill, and Chelsea Handler offered their two cents in 140 characters or less, calling Trump’s words “vapid, conflicted bullshit.”

Disney actor Josh Gad (ordinarily the chipper voice of Olaf from Frozen) immediately pounced on the President’s words, saying, “This is why you don’t elect a fuc*#ng psychopath TV show host as President of the United States of America.” Stand-up comedian Patton Oswalt announced that “[Trump] doesn’t read so I guess he’s psychotic all on his own holyfuck.” Ah yes, if there’s a problem or a threat of war it must be because Trump is a psycho. Clearly.



Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik accused the POTUS of threatening North Korea, calling it “unreal.” The irony can be found in the fact that North Korea is in fact threatening the U.S., specifically Guam, with missiles. That’s not quite the level of danger that could be found in Trump’s “fire and fury.”


Director Michael Moore said, “If u threaten war in our name, the war’s on u.” Because nothing says unity or strength like a country turning on their leader in order to avoid another country bombing them. It worked so well for the Byzantine Empire and the Roman Empire in times past. (Oh wait, those places don’t exist anymore. Guess not.)


Star WarsMark Hamill decided to create a poll, called “Best Way to Enjoy Your Day & Avoid Thinking About Potential Nuclear War With North Korea.” He suggested dogs or Laurel and Hardy. Because how dare America look at the harsh reality that’s shaping over in Korea. Time to stick your head in the sand. He could do worse though. Letterman joked about interviewing Kim Jong Un on his new TV show.


Star Trek’s George Takei tweeted, “is Donald just trying to outdo Kim Jong-un for most bonkers world leader?” Maybe it’s time to read the news, George. Trump isn’t targeting a part of Korea with a missile. Chelsea Handler followed suit, calling Trump “our very own homegrown Kim Jong Un.”



Even though director Rob Reiner admitted that this was a crisis, he figured President John F. Kennedy handled the Cuban missile crisis much better, calling Trump a “lying childish chicken hawk.”


Actor Jeffrey Wright called Trump’s language “vapid, conflicted bullshit.” Actress Mia Farrow tweeted out, “we know about “fire and fury”. A quarter million people, mainly civilians, perished in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.” Yes, but what about the people that perished in Pearl Harbor? What about the citizens of the United States in Guam that will perish should North Korea act? Meanwhile, singer Cher accused Trump of "causing FEAR." 




John Cusack whined, “He’s at his fucking golf course--making nuclear threats.” J.K. Rowling admonished the evangelical advisor who told the press that God was ok “with taking out” North Korea with words from Shakespeare, “The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose.” Well the devil is well-read and probably cites Shakespeare too. And most likely Harry Potter.



Bill Maher gave a stereotypically vulgar tweet: “Of all the people you’d want in a nuclear standoff, Trump and Kim-Fat Man and Little Boy, how ironic-wld have to be last.” Not sure Trump would be the last person necessary in a nuclear standoff. Bill Maher would make some terrible choices in that position.  And Stephen King expressed the same sentiment, saying the two were in “a battle to see who is the craziest man on the planet.”


And while Colbert offensively joked on his show that Guam didn’t deserve a missile because they didn’t vote for Trump, Rosie Perez offered the most sobering comment of all, “My heart goes out to the ppl of #Guam. I’m horrified.” Apparently, no one else is, Rosie. Pray for Guam.


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