Chelsea Handler: Against Guns, But For Kathy Griffin

June 6th, 2017 2:33 PM

Chelsea Handler is against violence of all kinds. Except when it comes to death threats directed at Trump.
The talk show host recently gave an interview with Hollywood Reporter, since she is the honoree for the Brady Center Bear Awards gala, which will take place on Wednesday. Handler is being honored for her work with the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence. She told the reporter that she identifies as an activist for anti-gun legislation.

In her interview, Handler let loose her opinions about Trump, Kathy Griffin, and gun violence. She criticized Trump for easing restrictions on buying guns, saying that “we should’ve heightened all of the restrictions on buying guns.” This fact was “disgusting” to her. In addition, she told the reporter, “this president doesn’t give a s--- about people. He doesn’t care about anybody.”
While she explained how guns and mass shootings were a problem for this country and how sickened and horrified she was at all the violent deaths where guns were involved, she doesn’t feel very strongly about Kathy Griffin’s violent, graphic image. When asked about her take on Kathy Griffin, Handler responded, “Well, she apologized, and people should move on. . . All she can do is apologize.” However, she finished her statement with, “everyone gets death threats.”
So while Chelsea Handler feels that guns should be restricted in order to protect America from the “mentally unstable” who buy weapons, she is all for Kathy Griffin’s violent display of hatred. And what’s more, she acknowledged that the photo could indeed be construed as a death threat, but she wrote it off as something that is not important.
This should come as no surprise, since Handler has been so violently anti-Trump that she has in the past recommended that the Trumps’ marriage end and suggested that Trump suffers from syphilis. In addition, her attempt to raise awareness for the restriction of guns clashed with her previous statements of support for Planned Parenthood and abortion. Handler seems to want people to be pro-life only when it comes to guns and not in any other situation.
Somehow, her call to end gun violence, paired with her approval and sympathy for Kathy Griffin, does not come across as too convincing.