Slate: Abortion Is 'Vital Aspect' For Maternal Health

May 25th, 2017 2:36 PM

Liberal news site Slate wants to talk seriously about the maternal death rate.

Why is that? Abortion. Yes, believe it or not, the liberal left wants to clarify that even though it’s a sad truth, abortion is “a vital aspect of reducing maternal mortality.”  It is ready to say that abortions should be done “with tremendous responsibility and humility.”

This is “important” to know, according to “maternal-fetal medicine specialists” Cara Heuser and Chavi Eve Karkowsky, because the maternal death rate per 100,000 births has increased by roughly 0.1 percent in the past 25 years among Americans. The reason? Poverty has increased, access to healthcare has decreased and, most importantly, “family planning, including. . . abortion services” has been limited, and, according to the article, will continue to be limited.

Heuser and Karkowsky’s article, published on Tuesday, tried to make the case that “Abortions can, and regularly do, save women’s lives.” But the writers ignored that abortions themselves pose a significant threat to a woman’s life. Nevermind the unborn baby’s life. And for an article that addressed “women who are now facing pregnancy with fear,” the authors made it seem as if abortion is the responsible, safe option for a pregnancy that carries certain health risks.

The writers tried to talk about abortion in a serious light, saying how in the past, “we have been able to offer termination of the pregnancy as an option.” Even though they “do so with grief,” the fact remained that they are painting abortion as one of the last stands between the female population and death in childbirth. The writers also went on to express their concern that this “life-saving” option may no longer be a feasible resource with the rise of the Trump administration.

While depicting abortion as a modern tool of progress designed to save lives, these writers failed to point out that abortion is a historical procedure that, in the past, relied on primitive knowledge of a woman’s reproductive system and, in many cases, was just as or even riskier than birth itself. Yet another omission of fact by the liberal left.