'The Guardian' Celebrates 10 Years of Jezebel


It’s Jezebel’s birthday. The left bows in homage.

Jordan Michael Smith, writing for the Guardian, reviews the influence brought about by Jezebel’s presence in the media for the past 10 years. Anna Holmes, the founder of the site, was an editor at InStyle when she started Jezebel. According to Smith, she “hated the magazine’s worship of luxury, the lack of racial diversity, and the shallowness of women’s publications generally.”

Smith makes these out to be the main sins of the media aimed towards female audiences.

However, the question to ask is: did Holmes solve the problem of women’s magazines? Holmes herself admitted that in her early days working for such magazines as Vogue and Cosmo, she hated “writing vapid relationship articles and ridiculous sex quizzes.”

Instead, her site is a leading purveyor of pro-abortion propaganda. Here are some of Jezebel’s top hits, lacking, of course, that vapid style Holmes so despises.

1. “Church Saves Fetus With Downs, Everybody Else Lives Happily Ever After"

When a Catholic priest was told someone was going to have an abortion if they couldn’t find a family to adopt their Down-Syndrome child before birth, he of course did his best to find a family to help. Jezebel was not pleased with either the Church or the child, and complained that “the woman in this story is still being coerced into carrying to term.”

2. “I Help Women, and I Could Go to Jail For It”

This charming confessional piece tells the tale of an illegal abortionist, who helps immigrants get abortions because they are too poor to afford healthcare. In the article, the anonymous author admits that they worry because they might accidentally kill one of their patients someday.

3. “Video Game Would Make Players Navigate Abortion Access in Texas”

Here, Jezebel writers advertise for a video game that allows a player to take on the character of a woman who wants an abortion and makes them try to find on in the state of Texas, because “it ain’t easy to be a woman in the Lone Star state these days.”

4. "What’s the Best Age to Have an Abortion?”

Because of course, women who ask themselves what’s the best time to have a baby are too ridiculous for words. “Do it too soon, and you’ll be poor forever.” The author brags about how so many of her friends have had an abortion that her contact list should be named ‘Murderer’s Row’.

Happy birthday, Jezebel. Here’s to many more years of quality left-wing abortionist propaganda.

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