ESPN NFL Reporter Suggests Peyton Manning Is a Bad Role Model, After Post-Game Budweiser Comments

The politically correct, pearl-clutching, metrosexual hot-take machine went full supernova in the aftermath of Sunday’s Super Bowl game as Peyton Manning, deluged with the inevitable questions about whether or not he was going to retire after winning the game, responded with a to-do list that pretty much any normal, red-blooded American male would endorse. Manning said:

So there you go. Wife, kids, God, beer. Seems like a perfectly good way to cap off a storybook ending to a storybook career. That is, unless you’re a PC-obsessed NFL reporter for ESPN. Soon after hearing Manning’s post-game to-do list, ESPN’s Mike Sando tweeted this:

Weirdly, neither Sando nor any other sports reporter/analyst (that I saw) tweeted out any misgivings over the 30-40 bottle-strong champagne bath that all coaches and players of all sports take part in after winning a championship. Is saying you’re going to go have a few beers with the boys after the game more damaging to the youth of America than trying to drown your teammates in alcohol on live television?

Peyton Manning is nearly 40 years old. If he wants to have a beer, or say he’s going to have a beer, especially after winning the Super Bowl, it’s cool. But let’s focus on what Peyton didn’t say. Peyton Manning did not say ‘I’m going to get knee-knocking drunk and then drive irresponsibly on my way home. Thus, endangering myself, my family, and everyone around me.’

Just said he was going to have some Budweiser. Which honestly should be the bigger scandal here. Because that’s not even good beer.