Alli & Kat: Forget Benghazi Mom, Media Only Value Black Lives Matter Moms

Thursday spells the end of two weeks of tumultuous party conventions -- conventions which the media have treated more like tabloid gossip than events of national importance.

Newsbusters reporters Alatheia “Alli” Nielsen and Katie “Kat” Yoder found that the morning shows from ABC, CBS and NBC never covered Democratic Party Platform changes approved Monday night -- just like they virtually ignored the Republican Party Platform last week.

By censoring the changes, especially the new demand to repeal the Hyde and Helms amendments (which could force taxpayers to pay for abortion), the media commit a “terrible disservice” to the American people, especially “the millions of Democrats who value the life of an unborn baby,” Kat stressed.

Alli called out the media for their double standard in coverage of the mothers who spoke at the Democratic and Republican conventions.

When Patricia Smith, the mother of a Benghazi victim, spoke against Hillary Clinton at the RNC last week, ABC’s Good Morning America spent just 13 seconds on her. The View’s Joy Behar (also on ABC) even called Smith’s speech “inappropriate,” and insinuated it was unclassy for Republicans to have her speak.

This week however, Good Morning America preemptively spent 11 minutes, 31 seconds interviewing the mothers of black men killed by police -- before they spoke at the DNC. Behar remained strangely silent on the appropriateness of their speeches.

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This horrific discrepancy “send[s] the message that some deaths are less worthy of coverage, and that some mothers’ grief isn’t as important as others,” Alli warned.

The AlliKat Show closed with a message for the media: “Take a hint from Americans like us, and start covering the important stories” like what the parties are pushing this election.

Watch the full AlliKat Show below:

For more on the biased coverage of the RNC, check out last week’s AlliKat Show here.

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