‘Wake the F**k Up!’ Passionate Pitbull: Cubans ‘Motherf**king Appreciate Freedom’

July 15th, 2021 7:00 AM

With thousands of people flooding the streets in Cuba protesting the communist government the past several days, entertainer Pitbull passionately showed his support, calling on people to "wake the fuck up" about what’s going on in Cuba.

The Miami-born rapper, whose parents were forced out of Cuba under the Castro regime, took to social media on Wednesday to send “a message to the world” about freedom for the island nation.

In a video posted to his Twitter and Instagram accounts, Pitbull urged everyone “to stand up, step up, but if you don’t understand what’s going on, then you need to wake the fuck up.”

It’s not just “a Cuba thing,” but “a world event,” Mr. Worldwide explained. “This isn’t about politics, this is about saving lives. This is about unity, not division. And bottom line is this is about taking action.”

He spoke about seeing “everybody out there and doing what they’re doing, which I love what they’re doing.” He then got emotional speaking about the Cuban people, “Not only do we live for freedom, we ride for freedom, we die for freedom, but we motherfucking appreciate freedom!”



Pitbull, real name Armando Christian Pérez, went on to express his frustration and feelings of helplessness from afar:

And it gets me hot, it bothers me and it frustrates me to a certain extent being a Cuban American, and having a platform to speak to the world and not being able to help my own people. Not being able to get them food, not being able to get them water, not being able to get them medicine. But most of all not being able to help, and really get them what they deserve which is freedom.

He called on “all world allies” and “global businesses” to “get together to help,” specifically calling out “Cuban-American” Jeff Bezos as “somebody that can get involved and really help us.” (Bezos’ step-father who adopted him and gave him his last name was a Cuban immigrant.)

Pitbull really drove the point home:

…they’re losing their lives over there, literally for something that we wake up every day and appreciate, which is freedom. So, everybody out there, stand up, step up, and if you don’t understand, get with the motherfucking program and wake up. Because this is about freedom and it’s about human rights. And to everybody in Cuba, keep the fight up.

He then addressed Cubans directly in Spanish, saying, according to Breitbart’s translation:

"For all the Cubans out there and everything going on in Cuba right now: you are the ones that will motivate the world, inspire the world, for them to see what it really is to live and die for freedom."

It was a powerful statement considering the abundance of anti-American hate the left has been spewing lately. Especially in light of oppressed people all over the world, from Cuba to Hong Kong, waving American flags and wishing for our freedoms. It’s past time for ALL Americans to “motherfucking appreciate freedom” once again.