Debbie Downer's Back: Greta Thunberg Complains About Vaccine 'Equity'

July 28th, 2021 2:06 PM

We hoped to never utter the name Greta Thunberg again but unfortunately the young ‘activist’ who belongs in Hollywood for her award winning fear mongering, has drawn attention to herself once again after receiving her Covid-19 vaccine. The 18-year-old posted a photo of herself getting the shot and then captioned it with complaints about vaccine “equity” across the world. 

Thunberg gained her massive following solely because she was a terrified child who skipped school in a strike against climate change. There is nothing lefties love more than using ignorant children to push their political agenda and in Greta’s case that is exactly what happened. Apparently she skipped too much school and doesn't understand how the real world works. 

The climate activist/ social media ‘influencer’ posted this thread to Twitter:



‘How dare you’ Greta, if you’re really so upset about the distribution of the vaccine why don’t you send yours to a country that needs it more? Or maybe you can use the money from your movie to ship vaccines to some of these poorer countries. 

The ends her rant with a “#vaccineequity” although she probably doesn’t understand that this is virtually impossible when every country has a different healthcare system and the fact of the matter is that some are just better than others. People aren’t perfect and we can never live in a perfect world, sometimes the truth hurts but it must be acknowledged.

The rankings of healthcare systems and the average income for each country correlate very closely to the amount of vaccinated individuals. The better the innovation, the better the healthcare and the better the healthcare the more access to vaccines. We cannot just ship vaccines to these low-income countries who do not have the necessary storage or medical centers to properly store them or administer them.

Climate change, movies and now vaccine propaganda. Thunberg is really doing it all, except using common sense.