Shellenberger to Tucker: Soros and Bloomberg Promote ‘Anti-Human Death Cult’

December 5th, 2023 5:12 PM

Twitter Files journalist Michael Shellenberger rebuked leftist billionaires who oppose both popular sources of energy and their most effective replacements during a conversation with independent journalist Tucker Carlson. 

Shellenberger covered cheap energy, environmentalist pension fund managers and anti-human activism during a Dec. 4 interview on X (formerly Twitter), attacking leftists such as Soros and Bloomberg for their efforts to deprive humanity of not only coal but also natural gas and nuclear energy. Shellenberger referred to the environmentalist movement as an “anti-human death cult.” His remarks came the day after U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry claimed that there should be no “more coal-fired power plants” in the world. Shellenberger told Tucker that Kerry, and leftist billionaires George Soros and Michael Bloomberg “have a strong interest in keeping energy scarce” in order to control the lives of ordinary people. 

“I think that’s what’s a big driver of this. That’s why they want to shut down nuclear plants, coal plants," Shellenberger said. "They want to stifle natural gas production, and they want us to use weather-dependent energy dilute, primitive sources of energy, so-called renewables that are actually anything other than renewable, and these are technologies that require 3 to 900 times more land than natural gas or nuclear plants and that keep energy expensive and scarce, so that they can control the energy markets around the world.” 

Indeed, Bloomberg recently committed to spending $500 million to “finish the job on coal” and has bragged in the past about closing coal plants and preventing the opening of natural gas plants. 

Shellenberger addressed the important role that coal has played in helping working people and poor people in the United States historically, before mentioning that coal still plays that role in many countries. Shellenberger said that elites “are openly and blatantly expressing their hatred for humankind” through their opposition to cheap energy such as coal. 

The Twitter files journalist pointed out that environmentalists such as Kerry also reject leading alternatives to coal such as natural gas and nuclear energy, even though these energy sources produce lower emissions. 

Shellenberger said, “John Kerry and other climate activists are against natural gas and they’ve been stifling the production of natural gas, clean-burning American natural gas — which is the cleanest in the world — so it’s so obviously hypocritical but worse than that I think it’s really anti-human and that’s what really gets at it, it’s a religion, it’s a cult like you said and it really is about being against humankind.”

Shellenberger also pointed to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing as a threat to cheap energy, stating that the “ESG movement” has used pension funds to pressure oil and gas companies. Numerous state officials have spoken up against ESG investing, including Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes, who discussed the threat ESG pressure campaigns pose to the electrical grid.

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