Michael Knowles Issues Scathing Ultimatum to Bud Light

July 7th, 2023 5:35 PM

After July 4th came and went without providing any relief to Bud Light’s cratering sales and stock price, The Daily Wire podcast host Michael Knowles gave the floundering company an ultimatum.

Knowles went after Bud Light hard on The Michael Knowles Show, July 6th, noting the steps the company had taken in response to customers outraged by their partnership with “transgender” actor Dylan Mulvaney. Knowles condemned Bud Light for “using fallen soldiers as a last ditch effort to resuscitate the brand,” in a recent ad. Knowles stated that Bud Light only aired a recent ad on their charity efforts to try to win back customers. Speaking to Anheuser-Busch’s clueless executives, Knowles said, “There is only one way out of the Dylan Mulvaney fiasco. There is only one way out,” before panning unsuccessful Bud Light ads. 

Knowles continued, “You know the one way out of this? The only shot, I’m not saying this will even work, the only shot that Bud Light has out of the Dylan Mulvaney fiasco, apologize. Apologize,” Knowles added before getting more specific, “Say you don’t believe in that stuff. You don’t stand for that kind of absurdity. You’re not pushing that radical sexual agenda on people. You’re sorry that you ever did it. You’ve taken actions to correct that. You don’t hate your customers. You don’t think that they’re frat boys and rube blue collar idiots. You need to apologize and you need to clearly state what you believe.”

Knowles pointed out that Bud Light is caught between their customers and investors, advertisers, and platform owners on whether to support “this radical false sexual ideology.” 

The customers are doing a lot of damage. Knowles noted on his show that, “Bud Light is selling for less than water right now in some places,” before quoting the manager of a Pennsylvanian store on the difficulty of selling Bud Light

This summer, Bud Light’s sales are significantly down from last year and the falling stock price of Bud Light’s parent company, Anheuser-Busch, has cost the company billions of dollars in value. The situation has become desperate enough that Anheuser Busch CEO Brendan Whitworth admitted on national television that his company has had to “provide financial support for wholesalers.” According to The Wall Street Journal, “[T]he brewer recently told its wholesalers that it would buy back unsold cases of beer that have gone past their expiration date.”

To recap, Bud Light is so unpopular that the company is buying its own beer. 

While Knowles denounced Bud Light, he had some uplifting words for conservatives on the issue. Knowles told listeners that:

“This is really encouraging, not only because of what it says about Americans views of the pride stuff, not only because of what it says about conservatives’ abilities to boycott a company and really bring them to heal, but because it reminds us not to despair, because it reminds us that bad systems can’t go on forever, because it reminds us that there actually are consequences for bad, stupid, misguided actions that are not in accord with reality,” Knowles said, before discussing overwhelming elite support for “manifestly absurd ideologies.” 

He added, “And yet, sometimes, this is the great conservative consolation, reality reasserts itself, eventually, there can be a lot of time and a lot of pain before reality asserts itself, but it does, and now you are seeing this especially as Bud Light collapses.” 

Conservatives are under attack! Contact Anheuser-Busch at 1-800-342-5283 and demand it stop forcing a woke agenda on its customers.