EXCLUSIVE: Economist Blasts MSNBC's Chris Hayes for 'Batsh*t' Anti-GOP Conspiracy Theory

April 28th, 2023 3:08 PM

MSNBC host Chris Hayes made some ridiculous anti-GOP comments on the debt limit debate, claiming to know the mind of the entire House Republican caucus. An economist quickly put the propagandist in his place. 

Hayes weighed in on the current dispute between the Biden administration and House Republicans, tweeting that, “[t]he House Republican caucus only wants to cut spending because a Democrat is president and they reasonably believe those spending cuts will make the economy worse. This is clear as day if you look at their voting record when there was a Republican president.” Hayes’s poor grasp of political reality was excoriated by Twitter users, including Manhattan Institute Fellow Brian Riedl, who called Hayes’s statement a “conspiracy theory.” 

Riedl slammed Hayes’ nonsense in a reply tweet: “Chris Hayes is still spreading this completely batshit conspiracy theory that Republican lawmakers are secretly Keynesian liberals who are nonetheless promoting spending cuts because they believe it will sabotage the economy.” But Riedl didn’t stop there. 

Riedl savaged Hayes’ propaganda further during an interview with MRC Business. "The idea that Republicans are secretly Keynesian liberals who believe government spending drives economic growth - but oppose it anyway to sabotage the economy - is an absurd (and self-flattering) conspiracy theory.” 

Riedl pointed out that in the 20 years that he’s briefed GOP lawmakers, “I've never met a single one who believed that government spending drives growth. The vast majority contend that spending cuts are good for the economy outside of major recessions. The reason Republicans focus more on spending cuts during Democratic administrations is not economic sabotage.”

In Riedl’s analysis, “It is more because Republicans are taking the easy (but cynical) politics of broadly criticizing Democratic deficits, but lacking the courage to cut popular spending when they are in power. It’s hypocritical, but it’s based on basic political expediency rather than being secret liberals trying to sabotage the economy.” 

In addition, Riedl noted that “if GOP lawmakers thought spending cuts would harm the economy and thus wound a Democratic president, wouldn't those same GOP incumbents who pushed through the cuts and damaged the economy also be putting themselves in political danger? It doesn't make sense."

But for Hayes, throwing out leftist propaganda is just another day at the office.

The MSNBC host has frequently embarrassed himself and demonstrated obvious bias, from denying obvious censorship of conservatives on social media to holding Congressman George Santos to a higher standard of behavior than the sitting president of the United States of America. 

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