Chris Hayes Mocked for Downplaying Biden Life-Story Lies Compared to George Santos

December 29th, 2022 5:57 AM

The egg covering the face of poor Chris Hayes is the result of him sticking his foot into the controversy about the lies told by Congressman-elect George Santos versus what he called "normal" political lies told by Joe Biden. Here is Hayes' Tuesday tweet that caused a tidal wave of blowback mockery of the MSNBC host as to Biden's "normal" lies:



Unfortunately for Chris Hayes the mendacity record is not kind to Joe Biden especially as regards his failed 1988 presidential campaign which also included multiple allegations of plagiarism.



The Hayes dismissal of Biden's lying went viral, including this one which in addition to highlighting the lies of his past also pointed out that even leftist Mother Jones magazine covered Biden's lies as recently as May 2019...before the Democrats decided he would be the nominee.



There were many many other massive reality checks on Twitter as to what Hayes laughably characterized as Biden's "normal politican bs-ing" as you can see in this brief sampling:





Perhaps Chris Hayes will learn the lesson already learned by most of the media and just completely ignore the many, many examples of Biden's conman serial lying instead of making the mistake of assigning him even a hint of "normal" veracity.