MRC’s Gainor: 2016 ‘Was One Big Embarrassment of Fake News’ For Media

December 23rd, 2016 9:37 AM

While appearing on Fox Business’ Risk & Reward, MRC Vice President of Business and Culture Dan Gainor mocked the media’s laughable inaccuracy in predicting a Hillary Clinton “landslide.”

Gainor responded to a video of someone on MSNBC suggesting republicans lived in a “thought bubble.” “I love how liberals talk about how conservatives live in a bubble and then their bubble bursts all over them,” Gainor said on Dec. 22, in reference to Donald Trump’s election.

Gainor said media coverage during 2016 “was one big embarrassment of fake news.”  Guest host Trish Regan remarked that “no one in the media” was a fan of Donald Trump’s, and asked Gainor about the media’s fawning coverage of left-wing dictator Fidel Castro.

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Gainor responded arguing that liberals love left-wing, communist dictators like Stalin, Mao and Hugo Chavez and assume that dictators are better alive and left-wing than dead.

“They [liberals] are the lovers of every commie dictator you could have,” Gainor argued before saying that liberals have always viewed left-wing dictators as “better red than dead.”

After Fidel Castro’s death on Nov. 25, Much of the media response to the “revolutionary” was flattering. Non-network news coverage was even more laudatory than the networks, with Andrea Mitchell telling MSNBC Castro “will be revered” for providing education and medical care to all. Chris Matthews admitted that when Castro took control of Cuba he was like a “folk hero to most of us.”

ABC, CBS and NBC almost completely ignored the economic disaster left in the left-wing dictator’s wake. MRC Business found that 94 percent of the networks’ evening news shows’ coverage ignored the economic disaster Castro’s regime visited upon Cuba.