CNBC’s Becky Quick to Joe Kernen: ‘Climate Change Is Not Your Friend’

After CNBC Squawk Box co-host Joe Kernen complained about his recent spat with allergies, citing warm weather as a potential cause of ragweed growth, co-host Becky Quick teased him about climate change.

“I’m allergic, I’m allergic,” Kernen said. “And I started googling it today, warm weather and ragweed which has always been a problem. Supposedly, it’s really everywhere.”

“Climate change is not your friend,” Quick interjected.  

“Climate change,” Kernen agreed. “I’m being affected by climate change.”

Kernen then complained that he couldn’t buy more Claritin because of the purchasing restrictions.

“Now, I might need to ask viewers for some help because I had been using Claritin D, and naturally, tried to buy some more yesterday ... couldn’t get it,” Kernen said. “Couldn’t get it because I’m Walter effing White!”

White was the main character of HBO’s Breaking Bad who manufactured methamphetamine.

“I’m going to go crush it all up, and start snorting it or something,” he joked.

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