Dan Schneider: Alex Soros Seeks to Change the World 'In the Most Heinous Ways Possible'

November 22nd, 2023 3:35 PM

MRC Free Speech Vice President Dan Schneider warned of the threat posed by the new chair of the Open Society Foundations (OSF), Alex Soros on OAN's Real America Tuesday.

When Ball suggested during a Nov. 21 interview that Alex “was going to take the radical agenda to a whole new level with daddy’s money,” Schneider agreed, pointing out that Soros could have chosen someone else to run the OSF, even a different son, but George chose Alex. Schneider said, “Look, the father had different sons to hand the keys to and he chose the most radical, the most political of all his kids to say, here you go, here’s billions and billions, dozens of billions of dollars to go continue changing the world in the most heinous ways possible and Alex Soros is already on his path to do just that.”

An MRC Business study examined Alex Soros’ past responsibilities both working under his father and on his own and found ample evidence that the younger Soros embraces radical positions on a wide range of issues. A review of Alex Soros’ past statements and social media posts demonstrates his radicalism on issues from climate change, to “transgenderism,” to abortion to legalizing prostitution. 

Still, Schneider offered One America News viewers a bit of hope, “It is a disaster, but the good thing is that, while they’ve got all the money, we’ve got all the smarts. We’ve got people who understand common sense solutions so the people have to fight back against this radical empire.”