MEET THE NEW BOSS: George Soros’ Son Alex Takes Over $25-Billion Leftist Empire. Here’s Why He Could Be Even Worse

November 15th, 2023 8:30 AM


George Soros — the most notorious leftist billionaire in American politics — has chosen a successor to take over his $25-billion nonprofit empire. Thirty-seven-year-old Alex Soros is replacing his father and, based on his political history, he will be even worse.

The elder Soros named his self-proclaimed “more political” son Alex as the new leader of the Open Society Foundations in June. This follows after Alex was chosen to lead his father’s enormous political action committee — Democracy PAC — in 2022. Alex then oversaw at least $32,648,000 spent during the midterm elections to support leftist candidates. 

Alex’s extreme views are evident because of the politicians and organizations he supports. He could well be more radical than his father on everything from abortion to climate change to the weaponization of race to demonize his political opponents. 

  • Alex Soros Led Father’s Super PAC, Which Spent $32 Million to Help the Left and Defeat Republicans in the 2022 Midterms: Alex was tapped to lead his father’s enormous political action committee — Democracy PAC — in 2022 and oversaw at least $32,648,000 spent during the midterm elections to help the left stave off the expected “red wave” while crushing the right. The funds went to radical left-wing groups like Senate Majority PAC ($14 million) and Planned Parenthood Votes ($1 million). One million dollars also went to the leftist Black Voters Matter Action PAC, which spent more than that in 2020 to oust Georgia Republican Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue. The PAC also released a racist 2023 ad against Kentucky Republican Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Daniel Cameron, calling him “Uncle Daniel Cameron” and railed that “skinfolk ain’t kinfolk.” The racialized ploy apparently helped, as Cameron went on to lose his election bid against incumbent Democrat Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear. Alex’s father also happened to claim the title of being the “largest donor” of the 2022 cycle, pouring at least $178 million into the midterms to support Democrats. A massive portion of that figure went specifically towards turbo-charging the elder Soros’ super PAC that his son was leading to boost the left’s electoral odds.
  • Sits on Boards of Radical Leftist Institutions Pushing to Overhaul Global Academia: Alex’s father launched the global Open Society University Network (OSUN) in January 2020 with $1 billion to indoctrinate the next generation with his extremist “open society” worldview. He said he considered it “to be the most important and enduring project of my life.” Alex is right in the thick of it. The two leftist institutions spearheading OSUN — Central European University (CEU) and Bard College — also got another $1.3 billion from the elder Soros, bringing the total expenditures toward realizing his educational goals to at least $2.3 billion. OSUN has promoted everything from hatred against the state of Israel to legitimizing the radical anti-Western philosophy of “transnational feminism.” Alex is a leading member of OSUN’s “Management Committee” and also sits on the boards of both Bard and CEU
  • His Personal Foundation Gave Over $4 Million to 10 Radical Leftist Groups: Alex Soros’ own foundation donations are a clue to how he will run Open Society. His foundation funneled at least $4,097,465 between 2012 and 2021 to 10 radical leftist organizations like Bend the Arc: A Jewish Partnership for Justice, Global Witness, Center for a New American Security and Make the Road New York. These groups have done everything from weaponizing race to demonize Republicans; to calling for defunding the police; to sensationalizing climate change as a military problem; to pushing for government and Big Tech censorship of speech and to championing transgenderism and promoting sex changes for children without parental consent.
  • 47% of His Foundation Funding Went to Radical Groups: According to 990 tax data, nearly half (47%), or $4,097,465, of the roughly $8.8 million the Alex Soros Foundation spent on philanthropy between 2012 and 2021 went to hardcore leftist nonprofit groups pushing anti-American agendas. For example, Alex stated in 2016 that his father always used to point to Global Witness — a group Alex personally funds that pushes radical climate alarmism and Big Tech censorship — “as an example of how a little money can go a long way in philanthropy.” 
  • Established Ties with Top Democrats, 43 Major World Leaders: Alex has spent years building his network both in the U.S and abroad. That means working with top Washington Democrats and visiting the White House at least 20 times, priming him for his rise to power. MRC Business totalled at least 43 world leaders that Alex met with, most even before he controlled the powerful foundations, promoting a wide range of leftist policy initiatives. Those include Pope Francis, French President Emmanuel Macron, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres
  • Unhinged Hatred for the Right: MRC Business exposed a number of wild statements Alex posted on social media or elsewhere revealing his radical nature. He considered the overturning of Roe v. Wade as one of the “worst” days in U.S. history and even sees the Republican Party as “the Confederacy.” In a July 21, 2019, tweet, Alex asserted that former President Donald Trump’s efforts against abortion were a threat to global health. He even prophesied the possible “end of democracy” and “civil war” if Trump were to be reelected in 2024. 

This is the second of MRC Business’s three-part series on Alex Soros, examining the new head of the Soros empire and one of the most influential men in the world.


MEET THE NEW BOSS: George Soros’s son Alex takes over $25-billion leftist empire. Here’s why he could be even worse.