Fusion Praises NEA for Pushing Climate Change Propaganda in Schools

August 10th, 2016 11:02 AM

The media frequently attempt to portray global warming as fact by eliminating opposing views and ignoring scientists who argue humans are not responsible for climate change.

Now they’re celebrating the a prominent teacher’s union’s pro-censorship decision on the same issue.

Liberal online news site Fusion praised the National Education Association (NEA) for announcing in July that it is planning to develop a “pioneering climate agenda that bans misleading texts” on climate change.

Fusion senior editor Ari Phillips wrote on July 19, that the NEA’s climate education plan will be modeled on the Portland school board’s May resolution to ban textbooks that “spread doubt about the severity of human-driven climate change.”

The goal of Portland’s “pioneering climate education plan” was to “redefine” climate change education, according to Phillips. This included teaching young people to add the term “climate justice” to their vocabularies.

According to Phillips, Bill Bigelow, who co-wrote the Portland resolution, said, “There is excellent teaching going on about the climate crisis, but this is not reflected in the official school curriculum.”

Bigelow blamed this on the fact that many textbooks have a “large number of ‘teacher advisors’ from Texas,” a state that Phillips suggested is characterized by its climate change denying politicians.

Complaining that the “politicized debate” makes it difficult to adopt “progressive” curriculums, Phillips mentioned that the Portland Oregonian criticized the new program for being “unlikely to encourage students to think critically about climate change.”

This is not the first time Phillips has expressed support for the liberals’ radical environmental agenda. On March 17, 2016, he praised E.O. Wilson’s proposal to “set aside half the Earth’s surface for nonhuman life.” 

Phillips’s support for censoring debate on climate change is in step with other liberal media outlets. In March 2016, Washington Post writer Chris Mooney denounced science teachers who dared to suggest that climate changes were natural occurrences. MSNBC’s Chris Hayes once called global warming the “single most important thing we face globally,” and both ABC and CBS praised actor Leonardo DiCaprio for speaking about global warming during his 2016 Oscar acceptance speech.