Climate COVID? The Guardian Insists ‘Next Pandemic’ May Come From … ‘Melting Glaciers’

October 19th, 2022 10:51 AM

It’s happened. The eco-crazies in the liberal media are trying to mesh climate change and the pandemic into one big fear porn monstrosity.

The Guardian released a nutty story Oct. 18 propagandizing how “[t]he next pandemic may come not from bats or birds but from matter in melting ice, according to new data.”

The liberal outlet tried to frighten readers into believing in the imaginary specter of climate COVID: “The findings imply that as global temperatures rise owing to climate change, it becomes more likely that viruses and bacteria locked up in glaciers and permafrost could reawaken and infect local wildlife, particularly as their range also shifts closer to the poles.”

The headline for the article didn’t beat around the bush: “Next pandemic may come from melting glaciers, new data shows.”

The Guardian, however, conceded a glaring contradiction that upended its fear-mongering, which it conveniently chose to bury in the eighth paragraph. The scientists the outlet cited apparently didn’t bother determining whether the so-called “viruses” trapped in the ice were even capable of triggering infections:

The team did not quantify how many of the viruses they identified were previously unknown – something they plan to do in the coming months – nor did they assess whether these viruses were capable of triggering an infection, [emphasis added].

Climate Depot founder Marc Morano ripped The Guardian’s nonsense as a media precursor to legitimizing government-mandated climate lockdowns similar to the 2020 COVID-19 restrictions. 

“Unchecked climate change leads to more deadly viruses,” Morano told MRC Business. “Presto! Climate change becomes a public health issue subject to undemocratic dictates by unelected bureaucrats.”  

He’s right on target. 

The Guardian’s climate propagandizing falls right in line with a 2020 Project Syndicate piece that pushed an eco-dystopian idea from economist Marianna Muzzacato. That 2020 story exploited the COVID-19 pandemic to make the case that the world may need a “climate lockdown” to preempt climate change unless the world undergoes a “green economic transformation.” 

The Guardian is seeking to legitimize those same dystopian ideals by “morphing climate and viruses into one issue,” Morano noted. “Climate activists were at first jealous of the COVID lockdowns then they decided to copy the same methods."

Morano pointed to a Yahoo! News article that noted “[s]ome environmental advocacy organizations have been urging Biden to declare climate change a national emergency ever since he won the presidency.” Center for Biological Diversity Energy Justice Program Director and Senior Attorney Jean Su reportedly told Yahoo! that if Biden were to declare “‘a national [climate] emergency, it triggers the ability for him to deploy around 130 different powers.’”

Morano added that climate activists are operating with intent to “[b]ypass democracy and rule by abuse of emergency powers." He continued: “That is the lesson that COVID taught the climate activists.”

Conservatives are under attack. Contact The Guardian at and demand it stop exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic to push climate propaganda.