New York Times Admits Biden ‘Didn’t Win Back’ Working Class

December 8th, 2020 10:09 AM

The left-wing New York Times admitted that the “Joe from Scranton” image that the liberal media was peddling for former Vice President Joe Biden was basically dismissed by the working class.

A new “economic analysis” cited by The Times revealed politically devastating news for the Democratic Party: “Of the 265 counties most dominated by blue-collar workers — areas where at least 40 percent of employed adults have jobs in construction, the service industry or other nonprofessional fields — Mr. Biden won just 15.” To put this into context, “Mr. Biden fared worse than Mrs. Clinton in 2016 and Barack Obama in 2012 and 2008 in counties dominated by blue-collar workers.” What this means: “That outcome should scare Democratic strategists about their party’s future,” The Times said in summarizing the fears of Democratic adviser and data scientist David Shor.

Shor outlined what he believed to be the significance of what the hemorrhaging in the blue-collar vote means for Democrats: 

The big-picture problem is that the Democratic Party is increasingly reflecting the cultural values and political preferences of educated white people … Culturally, working-class nonwhite people have more in common with working-class white people.

Many Democratic primary voters, said The Times, “saw Mr. Biden as uniquely positioned to cut into the Republican advantage with the working class.” Also, Biden “built his political brand on being a scrappy kid from Scranton, Pa., who became just another guy riding the train to work,” according to The Times. That “political brand” appears to have ended up falling flat.

The Times stated in its first paragraphs that “[f]or years, Democrats have preached the gospel of changing demographics.” It continued: “As the country grew more diverse, they argued, the electorate would inevitably tilt in their favor and give their party an unbeatable edge.”

But, as The Times conceded, “Demographics, it turns out, are not political destiny. But diplomas just might be.”

Comparing the blue-collar split between Biden and President Donald Trump revealed a stark difference:

On average, the work force in counties won by Mr. Biden was about 23 percent blue collar. In counties won by President Trump, blue-collar workers made up an average of 31 percent of the work force.

The Times concluded that if the Democrats can't “win blue-collar workers in less-populated areas — or at least cut some of their losses — winning control of the Senate or the White House will become very difficult.” As Shor told the newspaper: “‘It’s very hard for us to imagine us taking the Senate between now and the end of the decade … And it would be very hard just to win the presidency.’” 

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