Glenn Beck RIPS Biden: The President ‘Refuses to Recognize Truth’ on Recession, Inflation

August 3rd, 2022 2:56 PM

Glenn BeckConservative radio host and Blaze TV founder Glenn Beck presented a few instances of dizzying price spikes after former President Donald Trump left office. Spoiler alert: Things have gone quite sour under President Joe Biden.

“Inflation is surging,” Beck said on the Aug. 2 edition of his radio show, “The Glenn Beck Program.” “More and more Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.”

The reason for that? None other than Biden’s policies, which have made life more expensive across the board, Beck explained. 



One significant benchmark of economic health is the number of Americans who are living paycheck to paycheck. Beck said that a whopping 157 million adults, or 61 percent of Americans as of June, are only one missed paycheck away from financial ruin. And it’s Biden who’s responsible for that, Beck said. 

The percentage of adults living paycheck to paycheck was 55 percent one year ago, according to CNBC

A simple comparison of living standards under Trump in June 2020 and Biden in June 2022 makes that point clear. The inflation rate in June 2020 was 0.6 percent. One year later, the inflation rate shot up to 5.4 percent, despite Biden saying inflation was “transitory.” The inflation rate soared to 9.1 percent just last month, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Gas prices tell a similar story. The “average gas price” when Trump was in office back in June 2020 was $2.17. One year later in June 2021, when Biden came into office, the price jumped to $3.15. The average price for gas across the country is now $4.16 as of August 3, according to AAA data

Another damning reflection of Biden’s economic performance is the consumer debt statistics: “Total consumer debt in [June] 2020” was negative 0.3 percent. After Biden assumed office, that figure rose to a staggering positive 4.2 percent. “Today, total consumer debt is fourteen percent,” Beck said. 

Credit card debt has risen dramatically as “inflation pushes Americans to borrow more,” The Washington Post reported on Aug. 2. 

“This is a real problem,” Beck continued. “We’re going in the wrong direction.” 

These numbers, which Americans know painfully well from their everyday lives, are tanking Biden’s support levels across the country, Beck added. 

“[Biden’s] approval rating is so low, not just because everything he’s doing is leading to more misery,” Beck said. “His approval rating is so low because he refuses to recognize the truth. Everytime he says, ‘We’re not in a recession,’ or ‘Inflation is just transitory,’ people stop listening to everything else he says, because their experience, their day-to-day experience is telling them differently.”
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