Home Depot Co-Founder Praises Trump Tax Plan

March 14th, 2017 2:49 PM

Add Home Depot Co-founder Ken Langone to the list of business leaders endorsing Trump’s economic agenda.

After blasting the “irrelevant” liberal media for obstructing President Trump, Langone warned Republicans of the importance of advancing Trump’s plans for major tax reform.

“Republicans, Democrats, the media, everybody was against Trump,” Langone said Feb. 13, on CNBC’s Squawk Box. He defended Trump and argued that, "the American people elected him president for one reason” and that’s because “they want major change.”

Langone said he believes Trump, “could be destined to make very dramatic change” to the economy because “he owes nothing to anybody.” He argued that, because of Trump’s ability to say controversial things and still end up winning, the liberal media will not prevent Trump from achieving major tax reform.

“He took down the media. The media hates him and continues to hate him. You want to know why? Because the media is where it belongs, irrelevant,” he said.

Langone still owns a large stake in retail company Home Depot yet he expressed particular support for the border adjustment tax. Republican House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy also appeared on Squawk Box and agreed with Langone.

“I can't be more excited about a border tax,” Langone said. “A border tax, if we have the long point of view, will be a phenomenal engine for growth in America, big time.”

He cautioned Republicans to “get it done. Because if you don’t get it done, you aren’t going to be around.” Trump, he argued, is “giving us something to get excited about. And let's not blow it.”