Lib Hypocrisy: 'Press is Psychotic,' But Politico 'Inaccurate' for Reporting Quote

October 31st, 2016 2:40 PM

The left’s view of the media is riddled with hypocrisy, and Center for American Progress President Neera Tanden is a perfect example.

“The press is psychotic!!!” She wrote in an email to Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta in July 2015, “But I will tweet now w/o actually saying they are psychotic.”

Tanden emailed Podesta in response to a Politico article covering a conservative blogger’s claim that Podesta had lamented the “psychosis of the media.” Publically, she denounced Politico’s story as “inaccurate.” But her private email exchange revealed that she and Podesta “have discussed how the press is psychotic a million times.”

“I feel like tweeting of course john [sic] thinks media is psychotic. But no doubt responsibility for that is media’s alone,” Tanden went on to say, “But I won’t do anything unless you tell me it helps.”

Podesta suggested she respond, “The media’s reaction to this story is a demonstration of his point.”

The two exchanged at least three more emails, and Tanden finally tweeted that the “inaccurate” story “kinda proves Podesta’s point, no?”

Tanden also offered to defend Podesta through CAP Action, the political arm of the liberal-funded CAP. Podesta is currently on the CAP board, and used to serve as CAP president.

CAP is prohibited from supporting candidates for public office, although CAP Action is allowed to do “a limited amount of political work” as long as they don’t coordinate with the campaign itself. Tanden has corresponded with Clinton campaign officials numerous times, and CAP has received at least $30.6 million from liberal foundations.

Tanden and Podesta’s coordination isn’t the only behind-the-scenes planning revealed by WikiLeaks. It has also repeatedly exposed cooperation and favoritism between journalists and the Clinton campaign.

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