Loyal Columnist Advised Hillary on How to Survive E-Mail Scandal

October 25th, 2016 11:52 AM

Major networks have downplayed Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server, but WikiLeaks revealed how one journalist told her to take it seriously and respond like Kennedy did to the Bay of Pigs disaster.

According to Wikileaks, The Hill columnist Brent Budowsky sent an e-mail to Clinton Campaign Chair John Podesta in August 2015 suggesting Clinton should respond to the e-mail scandal the same way John F. Kennedy responded to the failed Bay of Pigs invasion. In the same e-mail, he clarified that “publically” he has continued “defending [Clinton] with no-holds barred.”

Budowsky suggested Clinton mirror “Kennedy’s full acceptance of responsibility after the Bay of Pigs, beginning with the substance and tone of his unequivocal taking of responsibility and ending with his huge rise in the polls…” Kennedy’s failed plan to invade Cuba and overthrow Fidel Castro resulted in 114 dead Americans and more than 1,100 American POWs.

“I would suggest she plan the equivalent and take full, absolute and unequivocal responsibility for making a mistake with the private emails and give an honest, direct, explanation of the reasons I believe she used those private e-mails,” Budowsky continued.

“Like JFK after the Bay of Pigs, the more responsibility she takes now the more she will succeed going forward,” Budowsky repeated at the end of the email.

Budowsky added a word on her campaign demeanor, urging she “stop acting like a front-runner who cautiously tries to exploit the rules of a rigged game to her advantage, and start acting like a fighting underdog who will fight on behalf of Americans.”

At the start of the e-mail, Budowsky also professed his loyalty to the campaign: “While I have been warning for some time about the dangers facing the Clinton campaign, aggressively in privately, tactfully in columns, during this latest stage I have been publicly defending her with no-holds barred.”

This isn’t the first time Budowsky has been discovered working with the Clinton Campaign. According to RT.com, Budowsky sent Podesta advice in December 2015 on how to handle potential Donald Trump attacks against Bill Clinton, counseling, “Make the bastard look like a dwarf, in the way only a former president can.”

Breitbart found Budowsky emailed Podesta in March 2015, stating, “From the minute the email story broke I have been out there publicly and unequivocally supporting Hillary Clinton in multiple ways in multiple media unlike many Democrats and unlike most in the media.”

In response to Budowsky’s August email about Clinton’s emails, Podesta responded, "Thanks. You might want to share this with Roy who can be influential on her thinking on this.”

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