Salon: We Need to Talk About Pro-Life 'Terrorism'

May 6th, 2015 9:49 AM

The pro-abortion crowd is getting desperate. With public opinion slowly shifting away from their favor, and the abortion mills closing at a record pace, it seems their days are numbered. According to there is only one thing left to do about the pro-life movement: "more people, media and academics in public discourse, need to talk about this as terrorism — because that’s what it is."
So what have pro-lifers done to merit the terrorist label?
Well, according to Salon's Jenny Kutner, "Last year, Dr. Stacy De-Lin told me about the time an antiabortion protester followed her down an isolated Manhattan street as she left work at Planned Parenthood one snowy evening...De-Lin turned around and asked what the hell he was doing, and he turned and walked away."
Kutner then introduced her readers to Krysten Connon and David S. Cohen, the authors of the new book Living in the Crosshairs: The Untold Stories of Anti-Abortion Terrorism, who decided to "interview abortion providers across the country, to gain a new perspective on the dangers associated with offering basic, legal medical care."
How abortion meets the criteria of "basic...medical care" is unexplained.
Connon and Cohen only interviewed a minuscule sample of "almost 90 providers across the country about their experiences of being individually targeted." While conceding that they "could not make broad generalizations," the believed that this data allowed them to "say that harassment, severe harassment, happens everywhere and is not isolated to the more conservative parts of the country."
How a sample of ninety people can tell them what goes on throughout the nation is as much a mystery as to why they think defending an abortionist in court qualifies them to speak on this topic.
Further marring the study, is the fact the authors admitted they use "a very broad definition of provider; that includes anyone who works at a clinic or even a couple of people who own clinics," and that "a couple feel that they are very proud of the work that they do and wanted to be associated with it, and didn’t want to hide."
This "pride" in their work would not compel them to exaggerate opposition for the sake of their cause...would it?  
Also, did we mention that Connon and Cohen never defined the term "terrorism" in this interview and were never asked to do so?

Instead, the authors spend considerable time lamenting the murder of George Tiller, "We never met him, but he sounded like he was just a nice, caring, excellent physician, who all his colleagues respected. So when he was murdered, not only did it send a message that you’re not even safe in your church or your house of worship, but people felt personally attacked that they took one of the good guys."
It’s statements like this that vindicate the old saying that pro-abortionists are worried about violence outside the abortion clinic, but are oblivious to the violence inside the clinic.
This leads into the piece’s most outrageous basis for the terrorism label: pro-lifers have murdered a staggering nine people since 1993.
Nine murders in 22 years? That’s terrorism?
ISIS murdered 21 Christians in one day. Abortion merchants eliminated at least 1,495,000 children in 1993 alone, according to the Guttmacher Institute.
While the murder of those abortion doctors is inexcusable, nine deaths at the hands of radicals, which were condemned by the mainstream of pro-life movement, is hardly enough to merit the title of "terrorism."

In the end, this cry of desperation from the pro-abortion lobby is ideally a beacon of hope for the unborn, as it indicates that the abortion industry is succumbing to the very death that it markets.