Bah-Humbug: 6 ‘Naughty’ Christmas Themed Episodes

December 11th, 2014 1:37 PM

Christmas has a giant target on its back courtesy of the liberal left. They love trying to take Christ out of Christmas and attack family, morality and the joy of the holiday and make it all about commercialism, dysfunctional families and attacks on faith. The Christmas themed television line-up was no different this year.

Leftist networks ABC and its affiliated network ABC Family, were the biggest offenders this holiday season with Fox, CBS and Comedy Central deserving of “honorable” mentions.

Here are the top six Christmas themed episodes that landed on our “Naughty” list: 

“Pretty Little Liars”: There was nothing pretty about this week’s episode of the coming-of-age, murder-mystery drama on ABC Family. The only Christmas merriment to be found was at a beautifully decorated snowflake ball. Rather than a visit from Santa, two of the main liars received visits from a masked man with a knife breaking into their homes and instead of a baby Jesus in a nativity scene it was a doll in the likeness of their murdered friend laid in the manger to taunt the main girls. Throw in lesbian dances, some language and eerie visits from a ghost and you have your…festive episode titled “How the “A” Stole Christmas.”

“New Girl”: The Christmas episode titled “LAXmas” saw the roommates all heading off to the airport (LAX) where they’d be flying to separate locations for the holiday at least that was the plan. Instead they all got stranded at the airport where Zooey’s character Jess got propositioned by a perverted older man who looks like Santa and invited her to “come over here and sit on my lap and I’ll show you what a real sleigh ride feels like!” she’s rescued by a drunk gay man at the bar. Elsewhere her roommate Schmidt is making jokes about defecating horses, pillow sex and after envying a rich New Yorker heading home, he (a Jersey man) called the nice older man “a dirty old b*tch” all in just another example of “New Girl” celebrating in its usually classy way.

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show also aired Tuesday night…after all what is more festive and says Christmas like scant clad “angels” strutting the runway in barely there lingerie and their new blinged up bras and thongs? Taylor Swift also made an appearance singing tracks from her newly released album “1989.” She’s appeared at the Victoria’s Secret show before but not like this. This year she wore some lingerie and strutted down the runway with an “angel” or two. Not exactly the barely there variety but as a role model and usually more conservative “good-girl” it was enough.

“Black-ish”: “Black-ish” is a new racy, controversial sit-com that follows Dre, a black man and his family; their struggles, successes and the record “firsts” they try to set for themselves. For example: being the first black Santa at his office Christmas party. The problem is that the head of HR was already set to be Santa. At work: Dre pranked and tried to sabotage the HR person until he got to wear the Santa suit. At home: It served up more competition and bickering over who had to cook the Christmas dinner for the family. The chaos: slap-stick humor, racist jokes and sexual innuendos abounded in the episode which aired Wednesday titled “Black Santa/White Christmas.”

South Park”: Not quite as crude and sacrilegious as the “Family Guy” Christmas episode “South Park” aired it’s Christmas episode titled “#HappyHolograms.” The TV Guide synopsis for the show said: “Kyle plans a holiday special for TV in hopes of bringing families together again with help from some of the biggest names in entertainment. Meanwhile, Cartmaaan Bra is still trending as holograms continue to run rampant in South Park.” Among the “celebrities” was an animated Miley Cyrus in a skimpy red leotard in the sleazy “wrecking ball” pose. The usual language and vulgarity were present as always.

“The Big Bang Theory”: There is almost always bound to be a Scrooge in some TV show and this year it was Sheldon who’s saying “Bah-Humbug.” The episode takes place on Christmas Eve with Amy trying to plan a “traditional Victorian dinner” in a nice Christmas gesture for the group (amid the chaos of a pigeon flying into the guys’ “clean room at the University”). Sheldon, angry at being forced to celebrate the holiday by Amy decides to exact revenge on her kind Christmas gesture. How? By going shopping to buy a gift that “will make her feel small and worthless...” Merry Christmas. The episode is titled, “The Clean Room Infiltration” and airs tonight, Thursday, December 11 on CBS at 8PM.

The major three liberal networks and the syndicated Fox sit-coms love to push the envelope; seeing just how far they can spread their agenda while removing all that is holy, pure and joyful about the holidays. As evidenced this year is unfortunately no different. If you’re looking for something for the family to watch together, something that shows the true meaning of Christmas or the happier aspects of the holiday season the Hallmark Christmas classics are always clean, with good hearted, albeit maybe a little cheesy at times, Christmas fun. ABC Family is also currently in the middle of it’s “25 Days of Christmas” showing classics like “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer,” “Frosty the Snowman,” Tim Allen’s “The Santa Clause” trilogy and other Christmas classics. Once again, no matter what you watch or don’t this week, or throughout the Holiday season we hope you enjoy all the fun to be had with family and friends and Merry Christmas!