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Noel Sheppard, Associate Editor of NewsBusters, passed away in March of 2014. More here about Noel's contributions to NewsBusters and tributes to him upon his passing.

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There was a marvelous fireworks display on Sunday's "This Week" when Fox News chairman Roger Ailes squared off against liberal media powerhouses Arianna Huffington, Paul Krugman, and substitute host Barbara Walters.

The one standing at the end likely didn't vote for Barack Obama.

In the second half of the Roundtable segment, Walters began by asking her conservative guest about the White House's much-publicized battle with his network.

Almost as if scripted, this teed up Huffington and Krugman to voice their displeasure with Fox.

Fortunately, Ailes was up to the challenge making for a very entertaining segment (video embedded below the fold with partial transcript and commentary): 

Last evening, NBC's "Saturday Night Live" marvelously mocked President Obama's recent State of the Union address.

In the opening sketch, Fred Armisen as Obama began by talking about last Tuesday's surprising victory in the Massachusetts special senatorial election.

"Our nominee Martha Coakley was the single most incompetent candidate ever to seek public office in this nation's history," said Armisen to thunderous applause.

"Martha Coakley, you are a disgrace," he continued. "You couldn't beat Dick Cheney for mayor of Berkeley" (video embedded below the fold):

A rather disturbing document surfaced on the Internet Saturday with grave implications concerning how the Obama administration is recruiting interns from public schools to assist in advancing the President's agenda along with his desire to get Democrats including himself elected.

Even scarier, the internship application recommends participants read Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals."

According to Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs, this document was passed out in an eleventh grade class in Massillon, Ohio:

An Atlas reader, Chuck, has a student in the eleventh grade in an Ohio High School. Her government class passed out this propaganda recruiting paper so students could sign up as interns for Obama's Organizing for America. 

Here's the scary overview:

If the folks at the Associated Press lose their loving feeling for Barack Obama, his presidency could be in a lot of trouble.

Consider if you will an article the wire service published Thursday shockingly titled "Can Obama Get Any Other Democrats Elected?"

"Barack Obama built a powerful campaign organization and got himself to the White House," Liz Sidoti's piece began.

"Now, as head of the Democratic Party, he's expected to get other Democrats into office, too."

Then came the surprising attacks:

Greg Gutfeld and the gang from "Red Eye" tore David Shuster apart Saturday morning as they imagined how the MSNBCer must have reacted to Tuesday's PPP poll declaring Fox the most trusted name in news.

After discussing some of the numbers, Gutfeld said he felt sad for the other networks, "especially for the folks at MSNBC like David Shuster."

"I wonder how he took the news," Gutfeld said as the screen morphed into Robot Theater with "Meanwhile At MSNBC..." boldly displayed (video embedded below the fold with partial transcript):

Here's something you never would have heard from a mainstream media outlet when George W. Bush was President: Hurricane Katrina was a good thing for New Orleans.

When it comes to the school system in the Louisiana city, that's exactly what CNN reported during Saturday's "Newsroom." 

After anchor T.J. Holmes read a statement from Education Secretary Arne Duncan -- "I think the best thing that happened to the education system in New Orleans was Hurricane Katrina" -- he was joined by fellow CNNer's Roland Martin and Steve Perry who largely agreed.

As you watch the following video, try to imagine this discussion happening on CNN if Bush was still in the White House (video embedded below the fold with full transcript, h/t Story Balloon):

"They had 140 players on the field and the other guy had one, other team had one guy, and they lost to him."

So said Keith Olbermann Friday about President Obama's meeting with House Republicans earlier in the day.

Shortly after Chris Matthews gushed on fawned over the President during MSNBC's two hour special on the event Friday, the "Countdown" host unashamedly uttered superlatives of his own.

These included Olbermann claiming Obama is one of the 1000 smartest people in America (video embedded below the fold with transcript, h/t Story Balloon):

It may not qualify as a tingle up the leg, but Chris Matthews gushed and fawned over President Obama's performance in front of House Republicans Friday like a teenybopper in the presence of a rock star.

During MSNBC's two hour special about the event, Matthews told co-hosts Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann, "I don`t know anyone else in the country that could have done what the president did today."

The "Hardball" host unashamedly continued, "All thrown together in this arena of a bit over an hour today showed me that we do produce probably the best candidate and best president we can in this system you can imagine in the world. And so I think our political process has taken to the top the person that ought to be there" (video embedded below the fold with transcript, h/t Story Balloon):

CBS on Friday rejected an ad submitted by a gay dating website to air during next Sunday's Super Bowl

"The network shot down the commercial Friday in a letter to the site -- -- saying the 'creative is not within the Network's Broadcast Standards for Super Bowl Sunday,'" reported Jason Hibberd at The Live Feed.

Hibberd cited a letter from CBS in which the network expressed concern the site didn't have the money to pay for the ad (video of ad embedded below the fold):

Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh won the judges dance contest at preliminaries of the Miss America beauty pageant Thursday.

This is sure to drive liberal media members crazy if his victory as "Judge of the Night" is revealed when the final program airs Saturday.

As Limbaugh explained to listeners Friday:

Last night was the final night of the preliminaries. Last night's emcee was Dena Blizzard, comedienne from New Jersey. She involved, off the cuff, us six judges. She said, "You know, it's time for us to judge the judges." 

Stay tuned - because he won (video of Limbaugh dancing embedded below the fold, h/t TMZ via Allahpundit):

Is Glenn Beck the most watched cable news host on television today?

According to Steve Krakauer he is.

Although Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity typically have higher ratings than their Fox News colleague, Beck often garners a higher percentage of the people watching television during their respective time slots.

Krakauer explained the math Friday:

In his weekly address Saturday, President Obama promised to rein in the spiraling budget deficits citing three specific steps to meet this goal.

Readers are encouraged to review his plan, and offer comments about its efficacy and probability of being implemented.

An embedded video and full transcript of this address are below the fold:

As NewsBusters reported on several occasions this month, CNN's Jack Cafferty has been blasting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) for refusing to address the profligate spending by members of Congress at December's climate change summit in Copenhagen.

On January 12 he called her a "horrible woman," and followed this up two weeks later by referring to her arrogance as "breathtaking."

With this in mind, Cafferty should take a look at a report published Thursday by Judicial Watch claiming the Speaker has spent over $2 million flying on the taxpayer aboard military planes (h/t Hot Air):

James O'Keefe, the man that helped bring down ACORN and is now embroiled in a controversy involving Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.), has accused the media of journalistic malpractice.

In a statement released at Big Government moments ago, O'Keefe specifically pointed fingers at the Associated Press, MSNBC, and the Washington Post as a "few examples" of press outlets guilty of "inaccurate and false reporting" concerning this matter.

O'Keefe also explained why he was investigating Landrieu's office, and how press accounts of the incident have been in his view largely false:

This is one of the funniest things I've seen in years: MSNBC's Keith Olbermann, the man who on a nightly basis drags journalism deeper and deeper into the abyss, is actually worried about integrity in his industry.

"From a professional standpoint, how do you determine whether these guys or just [James] O`Keefe by himself, whether they qualify as journalists, rather than political provocateur?" the "Countdown" host ironically asked guest Greg Mitchell of the Huffington Post Thursday.

It got better: "[E]ven as a journalist, you can espouse views and maintain sufficient journalistic integrity."

I'm serious. He really said that. With a straight face no less (video embedded below the fold with transcript):

Comedian Jon Stewart Thursday mocked MSNBC's Chris Matthews for his absurd comment about having forgotten President Obama was black during the previous night's State of the Union address.

"If you watched the speech, and afterwards just wanted to have your mind blown, you gotta stick with Chris Matthews," teased the "Daily Show" host.

After showing the video of Matthews' foolish remark, Stewart quipped, "You know what else you might have forgotten? You're miked!"

Once the audience stopped laughing, the Comedy Central star said, "I swear to God, this guy's one scotch away from being Ron Burgundy" (video embedded below the fold with transcript):

Amber Lee Ettinger, the woman who became famous for her viral video "I Got A Crush...on Obama," made it quite clear Thursday she's lost that loving feeling for the former junior senator from Illinois.

"If I had this crush on him the same way as I did in the beginning, I'd be the fool," she told Fox News's Sean Hannity.

In many respects, Ettinger was speaking for a lot of Americans -- in particular, so-called journalists! -- about how she was taken in by Barack Obama:

When you get into a relationship with somebody, they are great and perfect. They say all the right things. And then once you're in the relationship, it's like, okay, they're not that perfect.

But maybe her best comment of the evening was, "Well, at least I wasn't the Edwards Girl" (video embedded below the fold with partial transcript, h/t Story Balloon):

Leonardo DiCaprio and a list of Hollywood's finest have just released a public service announcement encouraging people to petition Congress to pass the Clean Energy & American Power Act aka cap and trade.

The ad was paid for by the left-leaning NRDC Action Fund, a group whose board of directors includes Ari Emanuel, the brother of White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, and John Podesta, Bill Clinton's former Chief of Staff.

The PSA encourages viewers to click on an embedded link which sends them to a petition saying the following (video embedded below the fold, h/t Story Balloon):

CRITICAL UPDATE AT END OF POST: Obama praised the 2009 budget when the Senate passed it!

After President Obama told the nation during Wednesday's State of the Union address that he inherited the huge budget deficits befronting the country, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) turned to Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and said, "Blame it on Bush."

In reality, this was one of many Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) moments last night as the President once again played fast and loose with the facts in a nationally televised address.

Sadly, media are deeply at fault here, for if they wouldn't allow the White House to repeatedly blame the nation's current fiscal problems on the previous Administration, Obama would be forced to be more truthful. As NewsBusters has regularly shown, America's so-called journalists have been aiding and abetting these falsehoods for quite some time.

But before we get there, here's what Obama said last night (video embedded below the fold with partial transcript includes McCain saying "Blame it on Bush," file photo):

"If presidential leadership were only about giving speeches, the jackhammers would already be at work on Mt. Rushmore."

So amazingly said Newsweek's Howard Fineman shortly after President Obama finished his State of the Union Address, but that wasn't the only absurd thing he told MSNBC's Keith Olbermann on Wednesday's "Countdown."

"In many, many ways, this is one of the most conservative speeches that a Democratic president has given since I think the middle of Bill Clinton's time," Fineman idiotically claimed.

I guess in all his excitement, Fineman forgot that Obama IS the first Democrat in the White House SINCE Clinton (video embedded below the fold with transcript, h/t Story Balloon):